[The Revenge War] Kahoot Trivia! Battle of Brains-Results!

Heya, ACP

Today both Alpha and Echo logged on Kahoot to face off in Sanya’s Epic Trivia!

We were able to see 40+ attendees in this Kahoot game!

Unfortunately Alpha wasn’t able to place in the Top 3 leaving all Echo members winning the Top 3! Congratulations to Soup, CSY and Mow! for being the top 3 winners of this Kahoot Trivia battle! Huge congratulations to Soup from Team Echo! for winning 1st Place

Currently the war score is now 6 from Team Echo! and 2 from Team Alpha! leaving with a total war score of 6-2


Remember to react in #events if you can attend our next game which is a xat type race!

Thank you so much for attending my Kahoot! I hope you guys enjoyed ❤

Much love to you all ACP ❤

ACP Field General!

Why ACP Means So Much to Me

Hewwo! I’m Sanya! I’m currently a Field General in the Army of CP.

Today, I will be writing to you my experience in ACP and why this army means so much to me and I’ll tell you guys about myself and my history with ACP! I’ll also be explaining how the people of ACP truly shaped me in my life!

I first joined the Club Penguin Army community back in 2017. My first army was the Rebel Penguin Federation, also known as RPF I stayed there for around a year or so and ended up retiring from Club Penguin Armies completely… But then on April 21st, 2020, I decided to give armies another shot, so I joined ACP! (shoutout to Kailey for giving me an awesome rank :D). I had tons of fun as a member and met so many people and befriend tons of people than in June, 9th 2020. I was promoted to an ACP moderator! I loved the experience of being a moderator It gave me the chance to get closer with the Staff Team and being able to help and serve the community even more as a moderator.

The best thing about ACP is the Community. We have this sort of crazy and loving community. I think we have created this sort of bond and connection we have here that can’t really be replicated elsewhere. I’ve been in ACP for almost 9 months, and It’s been a crazy ride! Kailey’s typos, Cherrys Ships, Sanya’s daily craziness, and hype, Aurora talking about the old times and bringing this nostalgia feeling.

This community and army mean so much to me cause of the people. It has always been the people. I’ve always been a peoples person and I keep on pushing to serve the community I love and serving the people’s needs. I have always put people’s feelings and interests first. When I was a young kid, I have always wanted to turn everyone’s faces into smiles and laughter cause It would break my world seeing people upset and sad. In my time in ACP, I have made people laugh at the things I say or do or the crazy VCs I host and listen to people’s feelings and interests, and try to cheer them up.

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December 2020 Holiday Party Guide! – CPR Guides

Hola, ACP!

A few days ago, the Holiday Party on Club Penguin Rewritten was released! It brought a ton of new things, which all will be covered in this full guide of the party. Let’s get started!

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[AUSIA] Mod Lead Operation: Pyjama Party!- Results!

Heya, ACP

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Sanya Mod Lead! We had tons of fun and funny word tactics with the amazing stuffie costume! and shout out to tina!! :O hehehe annie is still a potato 😀 and tinas cat is cute! and we did amazing!! we were able to max 42!

Max: 42

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[AUSIA] Holiday Tree Apocalypse!- Results

Heya, ACP!

Today our amazing AUSIA division logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Holiday Costume Tree Event! We were amazing today and we’re so proud of everyone who attended this spectacular event and we were able to max 48!

Max: 48

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[US] Practice Battle Vs. Water Vikings- Results!

Heya, ACP

Today our amazing US division logged onto Club Penguin Armies for a fun Practice Battle against our amazing allies the Water Vikings! Both sides did really well but there can only be one winner and that is… The Army of CP! with a score of 2-0-1! So proud of you guys, and thank you so much to Water Vikings for this amazing practice battle.

Max: 39

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[US] Practice Battle vs. Templars!- Results

Heya, ACP!

Today our spectacular US division logged on for a fun Practice Battle against the… Templars! It was a fun Practice Battle but due to ACP’s size, speed and overall performance we were able to win this Practice Battle with 3-0-0! So proud of everyone who came to helped us defeat the Templars! We would also like to thank Templars for showing up, trying their best, and keeping their tactics clean 🙂

Max: 46

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[US] Operation: Touchdown! Results!

Hey ACP!

Today Our US Division logged onto Yeti- Club Penguin Armies for a spectacular Football Event! huge thanks to Zelly and Kailey for leading this fun event! We were able to max 31!

Max: 31!

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[UK] Fright or Fight Round 1: Battle vs. Army of Orient Seas – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged on Whitehouse, CPArmies for our first battle of the Fight or Fright tournament! We faced up against our brother allies, Army of Orient Seas (We love you guys ❤ ) and fought valiantly for the win. In the end, the victory went to…
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[AUSIA] Pizza Party – Results

Hello ACP!

Earlier today, we logged onto Mammoth, Club Penguin Rewritten to rise and shine for a pizza party! We marched around the island in our pizza outfits collecting stamps and expressed our love for pizza. Thank you to CSY and HCOM for leading a great event like always.

Max: 37
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