[EUSIA] ACP Seizes Funny Bone From the Fallen Empire

Funny Bone, “Clover Conquest”– Hello ACP! Today we went up against our good allies the Silver Empire in a EUSIA Invasion to claim Funny Bone away from them. Both sides did extremely well but in the end of the day our size and speed was no match for the Silvers and we were able to secure yet another victory for the clover kingdom. Thank you to every soldier that came to our battle today where we were able to prove the true strength of the clovers and show them that we were able to take Funny Bone from them when many armies could not. Let’s keep the grind on and showcase our power again in our next invasion against the Silver Empire which will be the Invasion of Dragon Alley.

Max: 48


Make sure to react in #clover-conquest if you’ll be able to attend our 2 next events which is a Defense against theRed Ravagers on Tuesday and an Invasion against the Silver Empire on Wednesday. See you there.

Marching To Victory with Clovers Up High.


ACP Supervisor

4 Responses

  1. Threes not twos!! (i missed the battle :sobs:)

  2. I was there! GREAT job today, all of you! If we keep this up, the P:C crown will be ours!


  4. good stuff fam

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