Battle Brilliance: Max and CSY

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to this week’s feature of the Battle Brilliance column, where today we’ll be sitting down with two of our Higher Command members: CSY and Max. What has their favorite battle been?

Field Marshal Max joined the Army of Club Penguin on November 18th 2019 and has worked hard to get to where he is now. Not only is he a Field Marshal in the Army of CP, but he is also a former ACP Training Regiment Director and current head of the Shamrock Bulletin. In his time serving in the army, what has his favorite battle been? To find out, we reached out to the man himself:

This is a tough one for me because I’ve been in ACP for some time now so have seen my fair share of battles! I know a lot of people have selected the FOF semi-finals vs. IW, and I do agree that was a fantastic battle and achievement. For me, it would have to be the first battle in the Third Clover Crusade vs. the Templars, in which they only maxed 1. The battle itself wasn’t much of a battle due to the Templars having just one online, but the community spirit was second to none and it was a very personal war after receiving homophobic abuse from members of their HCOM. The support I received meant so much to me. A close second would be the first battle in the Alpha vs. Echo Civil War, which again was a fantastic community event.

Commander in Chief CSY joined the army on 26th November, 2019. He worked hard and earned his promotion to Commander in Chief on January 27th the following year. Out of the countless battles he has seen, only one can take his top spot:

A favorite battle eh. I’ve had a lot of battles that I’ve enjoyed – some most notable such as the Aces of AUSIA finals, where my division got a chance to shine, the Fight or Fright Semis against the IW, where we turned the tables around. However, if I really had to pick one, I’d have to say one of the old battles – the Premier League Tournament battle against the Help Force. ACP was just picking up and finding our footing in the community, and this was a battle where we had found our true matches – in both size and speed of tactics. I remember going into the final room, HF quickly got into a circle form, surrounding our V and looking much bigger – we were singing Les Miserables which meant a lot of word tactics whilst HF rapid fired many emotes – I knew we had to go in all or nothing. So I took a huge gamble, and got the army to form 3 lines in the Hidden Lake – whilst we’d done similar things in the Stadium before, there were no lines on the ground to follow; no formation picture ready. What followed was a sort of telepathy within every troop in the army that no one could have expected – 3 vertical lines formed almost immediately, where we sang the rest of our song, covering up most of the map and winning the final room. Mchappy would later disapprove of this gamble – but this form, to this day, is the biggest risk I’ve ever took in a battle – and it paid off.

Both CSY and Max seem to have an emotional attachment to these battles. For Max, it was the community spirit, and similarly, for CSY it was the way the entire community knew what form to make and made it, and went on to win the final room. There is no doubt that both these battles will be very memorable for future generations to come. Who will we feature in the next edition? What battle would be their favorite?


ACP Colonel and Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Great post Action and thanks for choosing to interview me!

  2. Sometimes, the best battles are the ones that mean the most to us and not the ones we max the most in ❤ Thanks for interviewing me Action!

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