[Victory] The Muddy Marathon War is Over!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

The war against DV has officially ended, resulting in an ACP victory with a war score of 8-0-0.

Due to the repeated lack of interest shown by DV to actually put effort into this war and show up for more than just 1 battle a week, we have ruled that this war has concluded due to the opposition failing to defend themselves. If DV wants a real war in the future, they can meet us on the CPA map. Otherwise, this conflict is settled.

On Thursday, March 30th, 2023, in response to DV’s repeated targeted harassment of our troops and staff, coordinated raids of our events and tournament matches, and other incidents, the Army of Club Penguin declared war against the Dark Vikings, following a barrage of animosity, trash-talking, and allegations against the army.

You can read the entire Declaration of War post here.

The war began with an AUSIA invasion of Delta on Friday, March 31st, where we peaked at 26 troops and were deemed victorious in our invasion due to the Dark Vikings being absent from the battle.

The following day after our first invasion, our UK force would mobilize in the invasion of Klondike on Saturday, April 1st, where we hit a max of 35 and reclaimed the land due to the absence of DV once again.

Just 24 hours after our UK invasion on Saturday, our UK force would re-mobilize in a surprise raid on the Dark Viking’s training event which turned into a 3-room battle on Sunday, April 2nd. We repeated our previous size of 35 troops online once again and a judge ruled our battle a 3-0 victory in favor of us.

It seemed after this dealing a crushing blow to DV, they would begin to fall off in their sizes due to low confidence. DV initially logged on to engage in our 4th battle on April 7th but got cold feet when they struggled to get 6 troops online and used the excuse that they are not a USA army. As a result of DV logging off, our USA division was the victor of this battle with 24 troops online.

The following day, DV would make their second-ever appearance in the war for their standard UK division on Saturday, April 8th. Both sides fought neck in neck for the majority of the battle until DV began losing most of their size and dropping below 16 troops online. Despite a lack of judges, this battle was deemed a victory due to our max size of 21.

On Thursday, April 13th we resumed our battles, but DV was once again completely absent. As such our USA division was the victor with a max size of 20 online.

On Friday, April 14th, DV pulled another last-minute excuse and had their troops log off after struggling to get 11 troops online due to Krosive being suddenly “sick”. As a result, the judges after 10 minutes ruled that we were the victors, with 21 UK troops online.

Just a day later, ACP’s AUSIA division would do the honors of closing the curtain on this war by handing them their final loss in an epic battle where we maxed 23. Despite having similar sizes to us, DV utilized poor tactics and formations against us which led to the judges concluding the battle with a 2-0-1 victory in our favor!

Full results of all 5 of our 8 battles due to judges not being present for 3 of the battles:

With a final war score of 8-0-0, and the ACP successfully has crushed all remaining DV opposition, we became the victors of the war. After deliberation with our HCOM, the Army of Club Penguin will not be reaching out to DV to negotiate terms of a treaty due to conflicting war terms between the two armies as well as a lack of league presence in this war to enforce any terms because of the nature of this war being OG style.

We have once again proven our resilience and perseverance in war – DV picked a fight they couldn’t handle, revealing that they are all talk and no action, and ultimately we rose up to serve them justice. Today, we have emerged victorious against another common enemy.

March On!


ACP 49th Commander in Chief

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