ACP Weekly Recap #7 — [10–17 April, 2023]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there, ACP! It’s time for another weekly recap with me, MaddieCW3! Read on to find out more.


The logo for the Recruiter of the Week logo. "Recruiter" is written in all-caps green letters, with "Of The Week" in white cursive letters underneath. On the right side is a silver trophy of a penguin wearing a variation of the ACP uniform.

ACP had two Recruiters of the Week for this week, and they were none other than myself and Caisha! I got five recruits and seven activations, and Caisha got three recruits.

I reached out to her for comment, and here’s what she had to say.

I’m working on improving my skills in recruiting and it’s an honor to be recognized for my efforts. This motivates me and I’m looking forward to recruit a lot more. Thank you so much!


Interested in helping grow ACP and have a chance at becoming one of the legendary recruiters of the week? Reach out to Calgo or BlossomBel to join our recruiting force!


A three-dimensional yellow star with a green border. It is facing slightly to the left.

This week saw the absence of any troops receiving the recognition of Soldier of the Week.


A few weeks ago, the DRACP declared war on the Dark Vikings for many reasons. We had no choice but to declare war after several hostile activities. Read more here, and keep an eye on the server for upcoming war events. We had three events this week in each of our time zone divisions, and won all of them, bringing the war score to 8-0-0. Please continue to do your best to show up to events so we can continue to win and scare the Dark Vikings back to the dark.

04/13/23: USA BATTLE VS DV

ACP‘s USA division logged on to have another battle with the Dark Vikings, and yet they no-showed again. Regardless, troops still kicked butt and increased our war score! Read the recap here.


On April 14, ACP troops logged on for our seventh Dark Viking War battle, to which DV no-showed again. But once again, we prevailed and increased our war score. Read the recap here.


Our eighth invasion of the Dark Vikings battle of Klondike was successful, and the Dark Vikings showed up and put up a fair fight. Yet again, they were scared back to the dark. ACP maxed 21 troops, and the judges scored the battle 2-1-0. Read the recap written by DeeP here.


CPA announced an upcoming tournament for armies’s AUSIA divisions! This will be held in a group stage format, which is basically a “round robin” format. Read more about the format through CPA‘s post here. ACP will be competing the weekends of May 6th through the 21st, with the Grand Final happening May 27th. Keep an eye on our server for event time announcements!


A reminder once again that ACP now has its own dedicated Roblox group with ranks called Army of Club Roblox! To expand our reach into other communities for recruiting and fun events, we will utilize this new Roblox group to organize fun Roblox Break Day events and do Robux Payouts through it when we hit max goals! Click here to join!


ACP recently hired Sano as a new member of our staff team! They were a past third in command in armies such as SWAT and the Revolutionaries and is a member of our AUSIA division. They hope to help Austin continue to grow the AUSIA division, and joined as a Brigadier General.

We also welcomed Caisha to our staff team! She has risen through the ranks in the past few months after I recruited her and was a member of the Acids when CPO was still around. Caisha passed her Major test (getting five recruits in one week) and is also a gifted artist. ACP proudly welcomes her to the staff team as a Brigadier General!

I contacted both of them for comment, and here’s what they had to say.

It’s been really fun after joining the staff team. Everyone is really nice! I’m really glad I joined acp staff team. I’ll try my best to support acp in any way possible.

— Sano

I am excited to be joining the staff team! As an active troop of the ACP, my passion for the army grew, and it wasn’t long before I started getting questions about when I would become staff. Well, that time has finally arrived! I am grateful for the friendships I have formed within ACP and the staff team and I’m happy I get to collaborate with them and make a positive impact.

— Caisha

Interested in joining our staff team and want to make history? Fill out this form, and an HCOM member will contact you shortly!


ACP‘s Twitter account is now being run full-time by me, Mads! Check out our account @ACPArmy, and we will follow you back!


I’m currently writing a post about the pets of ACP troops! If you’d like your furry (or feathered, or scaley) friend featured, send me a DM with a photo, your pet(s)’s name, and a short bio (gender, back story, favorite toy, etc.) to be featured! Feel free to send as many pets as you’d like if you have multiple!


Recently, allegations were brought to light against a member of our HCOM team, Alu. After a full investigation, he has been immediately removed from our staff team. ACP prides itself on holding members to a higher standard than other armies, and we apologize for letting this happen on our watch and will do our best to not let it happen again.


Congratulations to everyone who has been promoted this week! Find your name on our ranks page through this link:

Clover Promotions

  • Sergeant: geneysis

Battle Promotions

  • Corporal: elliephant, shihs, Stuggy123, Usagi, Beluga, MiNTY icey


Discord's mascot, Wumpus, in 3D form. He is wearing a white helmet and jetpack.

We had a Nitro giveaway this week for our past battle with the Dark Vikings (before the war broke out) Congratulations to DeeP! Interested in getting a chance at Nitro? Attend our events and help us reach our attendance goals and we will do a Nitro giveaway!

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for a great week! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a staff member or drop a comment on this post.


Pronouns: they/them

ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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