[USA] Troops Awarded Victory Medals!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “End-of-War Medal Ceremony” – Evening, troops! Following the end of the Muddy Marathon war against the Dark Vikings, we logged onto CPAB on Tuesday, April 18th, to award our faithful attendees the DV War [8-0-0] medal. Anyone who showed up to at least two war events and the ceremony was handed their medal in-game by leader Calgocubs21! We achieved an outstanding max of 30 in the Town while preparing.

Max Size: 30

Max Size Picture:

The first room chosen was the Dojo, the recent tradition for medal ceremonies. Calgo sat at the Sensei post and went down the line, honoring every troop individually while the crowd whooped and cheered. Some said thanks, while others said what was important to them, such as, “I’m a gorilla in a fkin coupe. Finna pull up to the zoo.” Reporters suspect this may refer to Calgo’s Cub Zoo, but the rumor has yet to be confirmed.

Next, we did a victory march across the map, beginning in the Cove and ending at the Ski Hill. We did tactics the whole way, from joke bombs to celebratory green emotes. ACP held their heads high on the tallest mountain in the Antarctic to end the event, reminding DV that our army will always remain on top — especially when the competition doesn’t have the gall to show up.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to participate and attend our war battles! Every last person that logs on counts and every active troop is valued. Your effort and dedication won us this war, and we’re proud to have you in our ranks! And, hint hint, if you want to get more involved, ACP staff and Shamrock Bulletin are hiring!

Event Tactic Pictures:

Room 1: Dojo

Room 2: Iron Curtain March



Special shoutout to our loyal troops who attended!

  • To be added.

If I missed your name, please message me so I can update the list!

Thank you everyone for your hard work in this army! What you put forward does not go unnoticed!


ACP Major General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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