Response to Dark Vikings’ Declaration of War

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin


MAMMOTH, Capital — Soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, recently we waged war upon the Dark Vikings, having dropped our declaration post nearly three weeks ago, exposing them for all their wrongdoings. More recently, DV finally issued a response meant to “discredit” our claims.

Regarding DV’s response which can be found here, they claim to have seen little evidence regarding our accusations posed against them. We have provided sufficient evidence within our war declaration, which can be found here. If the Vikings’ leaders did, in fact, read it, we’d suggest they look over it again with their eyes open this time. Although, we don’t hold our breath when it comes to their reading capabilities, nor their acknowledgement of their own wrongdoings.

Reference of DV’s Wrongdoings:

DV has been known to harass our staff, including, but not limited to, LGBTQ+ staff members. They would go as far as to raid our events. They have also chosen to harbour a known doxxer, going so far as to allow him to not only serve as a leader but also “retire” and remain an advisor. The leader’s troopsteal and then hypocritically accuse us of doing the same, a very dangerous and false accusation. The Dark Vikings‘ leadership also choose to glorify Hitler, harming many troops and members of the CPA community who deal with generational trauma from the Holocaust.

[URGENT] Declaration of War Against Dark Vikings

Part 1: Alu’s Actions & DV’s Lack of Accountability

A statement was made in the ACP Discord regarding Alu and his actions which can be found here.

As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we acted swiftly without hesitation, showing that we do not condone such actions. After fully investigating Alu’s behavior, we dismissed this former HCOM member from our team. However, you have to wonder why DV held on to such information for so long if they knew about it for months, perhaps even longer. Releasing the information does not rectify that they have kept this information to themselves and have also been participating in and encouraging such language and comments in their friend groups.

Krosive has been holding onto this information since, at the least, January 1st without ever batting an eye until now. It certainly calls into question his true intentions and how long this has truly been going on within his inner circle of friends, which included Alu until war broke out.

Evidence Provided on Alu from Krosive’s GC from January 10th, 2023

Furthermore, while we have taken full accountability for the wrongdoings of one of our own staff, DV has yet to take accountability for ANY of their actions whatsoever. They are going as far as to cover up and protect their staff, including Supreme P0wer (Ether), one of their retired leaders who is now an acting advisor for them. Supreme has been involved in swatting people he dislikes and doxxing several fellow community members through the use of alt accounts. The actions of this advisor is pictured below:

Supreme (Ether) talking about Swatting someone
Further inexcusable behavior demonstrated by Supreme (Ether)

Now speaking of covering up as we mentioned earlier. DV has a tendency to nuke their main chat or mass purge messages in an attempt to avoid backlash or the consequences of their actions after getting called out. The below screenshots stand as a testament to their guilt and lack of accountability:

DV’s Leader, Krosive nuking DV’s main chat in response to ACP’s Declaration / Expose on March 30th
DV’s Leader, Thunder mass deleting hate messages in DV’s main chat of their Discord

Part 2: Glorifying Hitler

According to DV, “Thunder simply stated that this TikToker was (assumedly), gay and seemed to be cosplaying Hitler.” By saying this, not only do they assume one’s sexuality and mock their appearance, they compare them to a toxic figure that should not be mentioned in such ways. Even if they just mentioned that it looked like Hitler, this individual has no place in our community. He has done unspeakable evils. Even in the CPA community, many are still experiencing generational trauma from the Holocaust. So are you telling us that we took your quote out of context because you were objectifying a human being and assuming their sexuality while comparing them to a figure which caused the loss of many lives…

DV’s response of trying to downplay the accusations and evidence against them for homophobia and glorifying Hitler

We believe their response on this matter speaks for itself. Such a shame people like this are within the army community.

Part 3: Calgo’s So-Called Manipulation

DV mentioned that Calgo waited until they scored higher on the Top Ten than ACP, a month after Supreme (Ether) became a leader of DV, to mention ACP had a problem with him being in DV as if we were jealous of them being higher than us on the Top 10. This could not be farther from the truth. Calgo came to Krosive the week Supreme became a leader to voice his concerns about Supreme being a doxxer. The alliance was pulled after a discussion with DV because we were concerned for the safety of our troops, which is always the #1 priority.

They claim that Calgo is manipulative and tried to manipulate them by breaking the alliance and raising concerns over Supreme. Yet, while saying these false, looney claims, they once again fail to regard the problems within their own army with problematic individuals still residing within the army. We included evidence of Supreme doxing in the first section up above.

Direct chats from our HCOM chat of Calgo taking notice of the issue of Supreme (Ether) becoming a DV Leader

The chats up above are DMs between Calgo and Krosive, where Calgo attempted to approach Krosive regarding his concerns after Krosive ignored them while on VC.

Does DV stand for Doxxers & Violence, or does it just harbor individuals who have done unforgivable things?

DV also claims that CPA is biased, stating it’s our league. However, that is FALSE. Unlike DV and DVAT, we do not hold power over any organization, and all organizations are very much separate from our army, with all admins being unaffiliated with our army. Although, with that being said, DVAT has been rather silent about our war. Is this perhaps an admission of guilt or an example of their corruption?

Part 4: ACP Not Discussing with DV

We are and have been open to discussion with ACP about problems they have with us, but they instantly resorted to war instead of talking to us about what DV troops were saying.


It’s astounding that the Dark Vikings and ACP were allies at one point, but as mentioned in our war declaration, it is clear that this was a farce. Their leadership, not just random troops, made disparaging comments about ACP, our staff, and troops on nearly a daily basis, usually with no prompting, rhyme, or reason.

These comments range from disgusting “jokes” to vulgar descriptions, even going as far as telling our own troops to “kill themselves” repeatedly. If they are saying these things to our troops, imagine what their own server is like. No wonder they started to purge it once we brought it up. They know we’re right, and they can’t admit it.

Thunder’s response to Calgo asking him to stop harassing his troop.

We went to DV’s leaders on a repeated basis, asking for them to cease these acts of aggression, but seeing as they were encouraging it to their own troops, we saw no options of reasoning with them.

Part 5: ACP Having Too Many Servers

Yes, ACP does own 50 servers on the league map and only offered 5 to DV. ACP did not want the war to drag on for months, with other important tournaments, such as AUSIA Arena, coming up. If DV had won most of our initial battles and taken land from us, we would have surrendered and declared DV victorious after a few losses. ACP would not have made DV take all of ACP’s land. Yes, Calgo did try to give DV the land under false pretenses, but that is because ACP did not want to reveal their war plans too early. ACP spent much time figuring out how a war without a league/land would work.

Part 6: In-Game Rhetoric

As many witnessed during the Semi-Finals of March Madness, DV was disqualified in their matchup against RPF due to the usage of harmful and slanderous tactics toward RPF, which they were warned not to do before the battle. As expected, DV hasn’t learned from this and has carried this behavior and harmful rhetoric over into our war, weaponizing explicit accusations of pedophilia against us.

CPA Reference: DV’s disqualification for using racist and slanderous tactics.
DV slandering our Twitter Manager and highest-ranking mod, Mads, labeling them a “nonce,” which is slang for a child molester.
DV using Noka/Mondo tactic on us refers to two ex-ACP members who were banned from the army long ago due to their offenses. This tactic is extremely insensitive, and we have asked them multiple times to cease using it out of respect for the victims in our army who were affected by these individuals.

These were not the only tactics that could be seen as offensive or suspect, however, these few tactics above show how low DV has gone. They refuse to clean up their act and somehow make themselves look even worse each and every day.

Conclusion: Hypocrisy

It’s quite funny how we laid out our reasons and terms quite clearly. However, DV still had problems understanding what was said and they tried to make their own war declaration, almost as if we didn’t already declare war on them and had some battles already. In their own declaration, as previously mentioned, they brought up the Alu situation, which they’ve been sitting on for months and encouraging. When it was brought to our attention, we dealt with it immediately. However, the same cannot be said for anything brought to DV’s attention. It seems they’ve withheld information to use when it suits them best and tried to accuse us of doing similar, manipulative things. This in itself is absurd and laughable. The question is, though, if DV withheld this information, accepted the language, and encouraged it by not saying anything about it to them or others, then did they also use such language? And even if they didn’t, aren’t they just as guilty, if not more, as Alu?

That is all for now. Please stay tuned for an update on the status of our war, as we will be issuing a fully-fledged post announcing our next steps due to DV’s tendency to dodge battles by only engaging in war once a week.

Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice.


Calgocubs21, ACP Leader

AustinFraud, ACP 2ic

Coolguy, ACP 2ic

AOL, ACP 3ic

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