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[AUSIA] Club Penguin Rewritten Bombarded by Green Asteroids


ZIPLINE, ‘Out of this World’ – Today ACP logged on to the server Zipline for a space themed meetup with our fancy looking asteroid outfits. We bombarded the island, moving through many rooms. The event had to be cut short due to CPR going for a quick maintenance. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Max: 41

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[UK] Graduation Day! School’s Out For ACP Soldiers

ABOMINABLE, ‘Schools Out For Summer’ – Today ACP logged onto the server Abominable to celebrate schools breaking up for summer. We paraded around the island where we showed off our best graduation outfits. Following this we ended the event Max’s igloo where we participated in a fun fashion show, congrats to everyone who won!

Max: 41

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Top Ten Armies [5/23/21-5/29/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The final Top Ten of May sees yet another reshuffling in the top four.

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[AUSIA] ACP Draw in Three-way ‘Clash of Titans’ Battle versus RPF and HF

ABOMINABLE, ‘Clash of Titans – Today, ACP logged onto the server Abominable for their Clash of Titans battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force. The battle resulted in a tie between all 3 armies! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our Schools Out for Summer event later today!

Max: 49

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[UK/US] Roti Warriors Revived by Army of CP

ASCENT, ‘Roti Warriors Revival’ – Today, the ACP logged onto the server Ascent to revive the famous Roti Warriors army! After the members of ACP showed off their amazing roti-making skills and outfits, the army was officially revived! At the end of the event, following some fun tactics and room changes, we played a game of Four Corners hosted by McHappy. The winners of this fun minigame were Chek and Cubby, congratulations to you both! Let’s aim for another strong event at our Clash of Titans battle tomorrow!

Max: 31

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Comrade Clash: Spotty and Tsanami

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Our latest edition of Comrade Clash will be featuring none other than Master General Spotty and Field General Tsanami! What do they have to say about each other?

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[UK] SWAT Defeated by Clover Defenders in ‘Nemesis Demolition’ Battle

ASCENT, ‘Nemesis Demolition’- Today ACP logged onto Ascent to once again defeat SWAT in a battle that left the ACP victorious! Let’s carry on this winning streak and have a great battle at the Clash Of Titans this Saturday!

Max – 35

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Private Chats with Treven

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to Private Chats, the column where we speak with the Army of CP’ member ranking soldiers. Continue reading

Former Leader Kailey310 Retires From ACP

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – May 26th, 2021 marked the retirement of Kailey310, the 49th Leader of the Army of Club Penguin who served as a Supervisor for the past months. Today, Shamrock Bulletin Reporter Faith expresses some heartfelt words upon Kailey’s retirement.

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