Comrade Clash: Spotty and Tsanami

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Our latest edition of Comrade Clash will be featuring none other than Master General Spotty and Field General Tsanami! What do they have to say about each other?

Spotty first joined the army community in 2018 with the Rebel Penguin Federation. She then went on to join the Help Force and ranked up to leader. Spotty also led the Dark Warriors and the Elites as well before joining the Army of CP in March.

Tsanami, on the other hand, joined the army community in 2019 with the Royals. She also joined the Help Force before going on to create and lead the Crimson Guardians. Later on, Tsanami also joined the Army of CP in March.

But how well do they know each other? To find out more, I reached out to both Spotty and Tsanami for a quick interview.

What was your first impression of each other?

Spotty: Well I met sanam back in 2019 whilst I was leading Help Force as she was a troop. Like we spoke a bit but not much, and we’ve definitely had a very up and down journey, but we r now besties:v_tone1::joy:

Tsanami: My first impression of Spotty was while she was a leader in Help Force, I didn’t get along with her at all :E1~10:

I think she thought I was some random HF troop and I thought she was an :sparkles: interesting :sparkles: (sparkles are necessary here) person when I saw her around at the time

What is one funny thing your comrade has done?

Spotty: Me and her are sorta the mums of group chats so we always usually show up at the same time and lecture everyone. She also designed a t-shirt for me the other week and was very quick, 10/10 for the service but not for the design… :runaway:

Here’s the T-shirt :ThumbsUp:

Tsanami: I’d say the funniest thing that Spotty has done would be the time she got banned from a CPPS while dancing on the iceberg in a shark costume :ThumbsUp:

What is a favorite moment you’ve had with each other?

Spotty: Oh god, well sanam loves being a match maker, and she was in my dms A LOT like 2 months ago so there’s that… Though it is probably when we were cpah mods together and we used to just go and play hangman when the locals were too weird. :ThumbsUp:

Tsanami: I think my favorite moment with Spotty was when we were taking over different ACP vc’s to talk and had to keep switching because of locals showing up randomly :lightgreenacpwiggle: She yelled at me for saying hi to one of the locals when they joined too

What is one word you would use to describe each other?

Spotty: Grandma

Tsanami: One word I’d use to describe Spotty would probably be “stan” because she’s a very active stan of Fusion! :spotty:

It seems that Spotty and Tsanami have known each other for quite some time and have interesting, funny, and kind words to say about each other. But who knows the other better? And which comrades will be interviewed next week?

What do YOU think? Which comrade knows the other better? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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