Former Leader Kailey310 Retires From ACP

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – May 26th, 2021 marked the retirement of Kailey310, the 49th Leader of the Army of Club Penguin who served as a Supervisor for the past months. Today, Shamrock Bulletin Reporter Faith expresses some heartfelt words upon Kailey’s retirement.

There is so much I wanted to say to Kailey, so I will start out by saying that I need to thank you Kailey. This retirement of hers was a shock to most but something that we believe is something that is good for her. She has been here in ACP for almost 2 years! She is someone who is loved and cared for in this community. I have to say that she is a great person and always strives to do her best. She has come a long way and has made a big impact on ACP.

This post is something that is meaningful to me. Why I’m writing this post you ask? Well, Kailey is the one who actually recruited me to the server as many of you know! She has helped me through a lot, taught me a lot, became an amazing friend and staff member to work with. I don’t know how many times I went to her to bother her with a question I had. She has brought so many memories that I have grown with in ACP and having those special memories are something that I could never forget! As I grow in this community with you all, she will never be someone who I will forget!

As Kailey continues her journey with her future, I will be doing an interview and asking her a few questions about things of the sort, ACP related of her retirement, how we met and such.

How did we meet?

We met on Movie Star Planet! I used to recruit on Movie Star Planet!

What made you stay in ACP?

ACP is my family and it always will be. Nothing can break the bond I have with ACP, and that’s what kept me going. Serving the community made me so proud and so happy. I just got busy and it started to seem like ACP didn’t need me anymore. There are so many amazing troops and moderators in ACP who can do everything I can do and more. I knew that ACP would be okay without me, so following my passions was more comfortable.

Everyone may not know so, what was your job before you became supervisor?

Before I became a Supervisor I was leader of ACP for a short period, and before that I was second in command for Koloway. ACP was very small when I joined so we worked really hard to grow the server. I really just did whatever needed to be done. ACP was less organized back then. It was like the wild west in a way. I’d lead events and battles, lead recruiting events, update the ranks, recruit, assist in army relations, ect.

How would you describe our friendship or when you met me!?

You’re like a sister to me! I know we aren’t like super diffrent in age but I’ve always felt like a big sister. I’ve watched you grow and have done my best to help you and teach you things!

What was your best memory here in ACP? Or a couple if you can’t choose!

My favorite memory in ACP was our Holiday Championship victory in 2019. Before the battle we all gathered in VC with Same Ol’ by the Heavy playing, the ACP anthem. Koloway was VC leading and back then VC leading was pretty much unheard of. After Koloway gave a speech, we all fought RPF with everything we had. Kolo was firing off tactics and we were all listening intently. We wanted to win more than anyone has ever wanted to win anything ever. RPF wasn’t prepared for such fast tactics and our impressive size. When the battle wrapped up, the judges took two hours deliberating. The whole time we all sat together in VC. You could cut the tension in the VC with a knife and anticipation and hopes were high. Finally the verdict. We won!!!! The VC roared with excitement, chat was going crazy, people were giving nitro out right and left. Then we listened to our victory song and I was awarded the Bronze Medal for my efforts in assisting Koloway in our victory. I hope this generation of ACP will get to know what victory tastes like too.

How would you describe your time here in ACP?

Roller coaster. Lots and lots of ups and downs lol

What did you learn from working in ACP?

A whole lot about Discord moderation, server maintenance, and growing a server. Also a lot of life skills like costumer service skills, how to make graphs and forms, organizing events, how to make simple graphics, wordpress, ect.

How did you get into being a YouTuber?

I watched a lot of ASMR content on YouTube and started to get to know the community. In an ASMR server I am in I ade a joke like “Imagine me being an ASMRtist lol” and everyone was like “YEAH DO IT!!!!” and I was like “I don’t have the voice for it” but another ASMRtist in the server told me “There’s a voice for everyone.” That’s when I started thinking about it. Like could I really become a YouTuber? I started looking up prices for equipment and reading up on analytics and voice acting. I put a whole video together all by myself and it got like 700 views within the first week! Now I’m almost at 1k subscribers and my most popular video has 10k views! I’ve made lots of amazing friends already too! It’s pretty fun hanging out with YouTubers/Voice actors lol.

Lots of amazing words! There are lots of picture memories Kailey has saved through out the years of being in ACP and I’d love to share, here are just a few!

When Kailey added my first clover!
Me and Kailey on Club Penguin Army!
Kailey and Mchappy!
Funny screenshot!
Kailey’s mess up and reminder, lol.
Kailey and Zelly in Animal Crossing in ACP uniform!

To close this, I’d like to take some time to include some of the troops and staff members who would like to say some things for you Clover Kailey!

  • Belencita:
    ¡Hola Kailey! I know we don’t talk a lot, but I just wanted to say you’re an amazing person, you’re so kind and sweet and I’m so glad I met you, and I know you did a lot for ACP and we appreciate that a lot, thanks for helping with everything you could for us during all this time! I wish you the best for your YouTube channel and every other project you have in your life, keep being the wonderful person you are, we love you and we are going to miss you a lot, goodbye, Clover Queen ❤
  • Daniel:
    Hey Kailey! Just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for the Army of CP for over a year! From updating ranks and doing attendance to all the clovers jobs, thank you! Enjoy retirement and good luck in the future ❤
  • Aero:
    Kailey has been around for a while and is one of the nicest people i know on here. She has always been nice to me and has only ever showed me kindness. She also got me back into being active in ACP for a bit last year and I really am glad that I’ve gotten to know her as my good friend. I’m so proud she has found a great hobby that she enjoys doing and I cant wait to see where it takes her. Thanks for being a good friend and showing nothing but kindness towards me!
  • Roxy:
    Hiii Kailey, you have been in ACP for a long time and I really appreciate that, you are a really good vibe and I wish you all the best for your future, know that your appreciated and we all love u, love u Kailey good luck<3
  • Yeet Monster:
    To Kailey310: You were a cool individual and we will always appreciate you. Salute. Thank you Kailey310
  • Shane:
    Even though we didn’t get to know much about each other, I respect everything you’ve done for ACP and best of luck to everything you do with your future! Sucks to see you go but hey I’m sure this is what’s best for you n your future, good luck, from ya bud, Shane
  • Hamood:
    You did a great job giving and taking clovers away, I will miss you to be honest, goodbye Kailey 😦
  • Tsanami:
    Thanks for the help you’ve been in ACP, good luck with retirement!
  • Cubby:
    Kailey, thank you for serving the Great ACP. We’ll all remember you as our clover queen!

Thank you Kailey for serving almost 2 years in ACP and being a friend to most! We all salute you and appreciate everything! We all wish you luck in your bright future ahead and keep being the Queen everyone knows and loves! ❤


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. It’s been an honor serving ACP! Thank you for the wonderful post Faith!

  2. 😦

  3. happy retirement kailey!!

  4. You’ve certainly had a unique journey in ACP, Kailey. Thank you for your efforts and contributions, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

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