[AUSIA] Operation: Clover Paparazzi

AUSIA, ‘Clover Paparazzi’ – Hey there ACP, today we had an event in Ascent Town on Club Penguin Rewritten. We met up at Town then, went to Snow Forts, made our way to Ice Berg and finished off on the Ski Hill. Did some funny tactics and some emotes, also got a max size of 13! Hope everyone enjoyed and make sure to comment below if u came!

Max Size: 13

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[UK/US] Clovers meet Ice in Ancient Egypt Themed Battle

Marshmallow, ‘Ancient Egypt Battle’ – Good evening ACP! Earlier today, we logged on to Marshmallow for our fun Ancient Egypt themed battle against the Ice Warriors. The Clover Empire (Pharoah’s) and the Ice Warriors (Mummies) went head to head in three rooms; the stadium, the cove and the iceberg. Tons of fun was had today and thank you all for coming!

Max: 16

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[UK] Ghostbusters

Ascent,”Ghostly Gathering”– Hey ACP! Today, the clover empire’s UK division logged onto CP Rewritten for our Ghostly Gathering event, we started out by wearing the purple ghost costume after we got in our ghost costumes we headed down to the stadium, cove and mine shack, We reached a maximum size of 23 troops and had a lot of fun together, everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the Ghostly Gathering event today!

Maximum size – 23

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[SEPTEMBER 2021] Promotions/Demotions!



Congratulations to all that were promoted!

Bold = Promoted

Italics = Demoted

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Purple = AUSIA

Commander in Chief
2ic Field Marshal2ic
Faiththeunicorn | Zelly | Sanya | Sidie9

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[AUSIA] Clovers Host Exciting Propeller Event!

ASCENT, CPR Party– Hey There Clovers! Today our AUSIA Division logged onto Ascent for a fun propeller event where we were able to show the community that we were the best propellers in CPR!, This event was led by General Sanya and General Sidie! Make sure to comment down below if you came

Max: 19

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[UK] A Day At The Fair – Results!

ABOMINABLE, CPR Fair Party – Hey there ACP! Today our UK Division headed onto Abominable for a quick tour of the Fair, followed by a fashion competition, which was won by Marianta.

Max: 33

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[US] Recycling and Cleaning Up The Island + Impromptu Battle vs. TCP

CRYSTAL, ‘Recycling and Cleaning’ Hey there ACP! We logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun event of going around and cleaning up the Island and recycling our trash! We got a max of 14 and went to 3 different rooms. We started out at our usual spot in Town, went into the Night Club and unfortunately got raided by the Templars but we held up strong and kept going! Went went into the Stadium and Finished off at the Whacky House in the Snow Forts. You all did amazing today and don’t forget to comment below if you came!

Max Size: 14

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[SEPTEMBER 2021] Comment for Promotion!

Deserve a promotion for your work in September 2021? Comment below!

Discord Tag:

CPR name:

Current Rank:

Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!):

Why do you deserve a promotion?

[EUSIA] Fifteen Years of ACP – Results!

ACP Anniversary, Clover Empire – Today marks 15 years of the Army of Club Penguins’ existence, and two years of the new generation. We celebrated this fun-filled day, with a history post, an event that managed to get a maximum size of 33 penguins, and a fun talent show to top it off!

Max: 33

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Fifteen Years of ACP: 15 Moments Across 15 Years

In celebration of our 15th, Crystal, anniversary!

Addressed to the soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, past and present,

Today marks 15 memorable years of our clover community – an online space that has connected people from all across the globe and become a home away from home, offering us all a sanctuary and escape from the troubles of real life. Along the way there have been some defining moments in our history, and there’s no doubt we’ve been through and seen it all over the past 15 years.

As the very first army to be formed in 2006, we are the first to hit this incredible milestone. Not only do we, the ACP, turn 15 today. Today, the army community also turns 15.

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