Announcing… Alpha vs. Echo – The Revenge

On September 20th, 2020, an announcement shocked our community – Alpha and Echo, were at war. After a week of intense fighting, Echo ended victorious, with a war score of 19-0-9.

Civil War winner – what a flashy title, right? It seemed like it didn’t matter how many victories the Alphas would get subsequently – all they’d hear would be the echo of their losses in the Civil War.

It is time though, to allow Alphas to turn the tables; and for the Echoes to reassert their dominance – to prove once and for all, which division is better.

Join us for a fun-filled week with a huge array of Alpha vs Echo minigames – including trivia, typeraces, Jackbox games, io games, Minecraft Battle Royales, a visit to our old friend xat and much, much more.

The old Civil War role will be updated for the winning team (aka the current Echo role will be removed with a new role for the winning team).

Echoes – this is our time to rise up and defend our rightfully earned title.
Alpha – this is your chance to win the medal back, and defend the glory of your division.

ACP Leader

Updates on CPR’s HTML5 Transition!

Hello ACP! Its Gugs here coming at you to talk about CPR’s Transition to HTML5!

As we know Flash died around 2 weeks ago (rip Flash) and so shortly after this CPR started to make their transition to HTML5! They expected the new client to be out soon after Flash was discontinued but as it’s not out yet, this leads us along to a few questions!
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[WINNING ENTRY] Max’s Christmas Miracle


Below is the winning entry of the Christmas Short Story Writing Competition! There were many amazing entries – feel free to click the link to read them all. Congratulations Tina!

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Why ACP Means So Much to Me

Hewwo! I’m Sanya! I’m currently a Field General in the Army of CP.

Today, I will be writing to you my experience in ACP and why this army means so much to me and I’ll tell you guys about myself and my history with ACP! I’ll also be explaining how the people of ACP truly shaped me in my life!

I first joined the Club Penguin Army community back in 2017. My first army was the Rebel Penguin Federation, also known as RPF I stayed there for around a year or so and ended up retiring from Club Penguin Armies completely… But then on April 21st, 2020, I decided to give armies another shot, so I joined ACP! (shoutout to Kailey for giving me an awesome rank :D). I had tons of fun as a member and met so many people and befriend tons of people than in June, 9th 2020. I was promoted to an ACP moderator! I loved the experience of being a moderator It gave me the chance to get closer with the Staff Team and being able to help and serve the community even more as a moderator.

The best thing about ACP is the Community. We have this sort of crazy and loving community. I think we have created this sort of bond and connection we have here that can’t really be replicated elsewhere. I’ve been in ACP for almost 9 months, and It’s been a crazy ride! Kailey’s typos, Cherrys Ships, Sanya’s daily craziness, and hype, Aurora talking about the old times and bringing this nostalgia feeling.

This community and army mean so much to me cause of the people. It has always been the people. I’ve always been a peoples person and I keep on pushing to serve the community I love and serving the people’s needs. I have always put people’s feelings and interests first. When I was a young kid, I have always wanted to turn everyone’s faces into smiles and laughter cause It would break my world seeing people upset and sad. In my time in ACP, I have made people laugh at the things I say or do or the crazy VCs I host and listen to people’s feelings and interests, and try to cheer them up.

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ACP Interviews: King Mondo

HELLO there ACP Shamrock Bulletin(-ers?)

Have you ever wondered how to get to ACP leader? Perhaps you have been curious about the experiences of some of our very own ex-leaders….

Well, your questions shall be answered, as earlier I headed over to the Mammoth Classroom to ask our very own Advisor and Legend King Mondo a few questions!

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Presenting – ACP Graffiti Wall!

Hello ACP!

For reaching 500 clover coins for Dec 2020, the community voted on an event to host – and an ACP graffiti wall came up on top.

Presenting the completed wall – credits to NyuPenyu for the amazing art, as well as every single submission!


ACP Leader

[DEC 2020] Troop of the Month!

Heya ACP!

As we bid farewell to the new year, we also announce the final installment of TOTM for 2020.

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December Fan-Art

What a year this has been good thing I have all this amazing fan art made by my very green family to cheer me up.

Zelly ACP General

[Victory] War with SWAT is over!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The war against SWAT has officially ended, resulting in an ACP victory with a war score of 7-0.

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[UK] Final Flash Event

Hello ACP

Today, we hosted our final flash event, where we marched around the entire CPR, visiting each room one by one as we reminisced important events of the past – such as PLT vs HF in the hidden lake; Docks OT room in Holiday Championships; Inside Mine as our favorite start room… eventually ending in the Box Dimension, awaiting Plok to take Flash away…

Max: 61

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