[MM] ACP Victorious Over WV!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “March Madness Qualifiers: ACP vs. Water Vikings” — Good evening, troops! It is with so much pride that I tell you on Sunday, March 12, the Army of Club Penguin had a massive March Madness victory over the Water Vikings. The army has been preparing for this event since the beginning of the year, and all the hard work has finally paid off!

Max Size: 55

Max size picture:

In 16 years, ACP has yet to win the March Madness tournament. However, this is the year that changes! Leader Calgocubs21 has big ambitions for the army, and with his plan set in motion, he aims to bring ACP major success during his leadership. And, even if the outcome isn’t as desired, there’s honor in trying. So far, efforts have not been fruitless, and ACP claims victory after victory with the help of staff and troops alike!

The March Madness event began with preparations in Battleground, Town, where ACP maxed 55 while waiting for the room announcement. The event VC alone had 45 present, and the total amount of attendees was over 68.

Room 1, Stadium, was announced at 3:10pm EST, where ACP came on strong with a standard bomb; our movements were effective in covering WV’s tactics throughout the 10 minutes, and the judges later awarded us the win. Room 2, though, came to be a tie. In the Underground Mine, the massive size of both armies — ACP with 45 and WV with 32 — caused excessive lag and the inability to see tactics for many troops. Neither army particularly excelled, and so the judges determined a draw.

In Room 3, Iceberg, ACP once again proved their worth and took home the win. The judges wrote, “with size, covering with tactics, better movements, and better formations, ACP wins this room.” Despite being predicted to fail this match, ACP is and has always been an unrelenting force, and the loyalty and honor we carry to every event have brought us far.

The staff of ACP wants you to know that this victory could not have been possible without youEvery troop that attends matters, every contribution made pushes us toward our goals, and every effort made leaves more of an impact on the army than you realize. I want to personally thank every single soldier that logged on for our qualifier tournament, and everyone that’s aided in bringing us to this point. Rest well, this was all made possible by you!

Event tactic pictures:

Room 1: Stadium

Room 2: Underground Mine

Room 3: Iceberg

Judge ruling:

Special mention for all troops that logged on for us!

  • _blank_
  • .!walrus!.
  • 3D_of_square
  • acee
  • agalpa
  • alemax
  • archieutc
  • aurora
  • bigbonny2013
  • blossombel
  • brads6
  • cabin
  • caisha
  • calgocubs21
  • can123
  • cedrik_boi
  • clappyboi
  • comedy
  • daniel20448
  • dantsamurai
  • daphne1092
  • deep
  • docter69acp
  • elio
  • fesh_0559
  • hamoodius1
  • ilikemenuwu
  • jadewakuwaku
  • jess!!
  • joe
  • kailey310
  • kevinda1708
  • kittzomon13
  • lanabunn
  • leiblue8586
  • lirri
  • maddiecw3
  • maxiking5454
  • mcdonalds
  • mchappy
  • moosehead
  • mythphoenix
  • nacho
  • nell825
  • pablo8
  • pandito
  • peteyboy31
  • pokebro
  • purplewillow
  • rarity808
  • ribb60
  • robotacp
  • sano
  • sanya!
  • shane
  • sirplus1881
  • snowy23340
  • stevos
  • superk64
  • thatgoatcar
  • theneev
  • theyeeter001
  • torutu
  • vessel1
  • waddleon
  • zeal3
  • zoomxttt

If you attended and your name was missed on the list, please let us know!

Thank you to every troop that has given your support thus far! We sincerely hope to see you at the next March Madness match :ACPSalute~1:


ACP Major General

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