A Legendary Interview

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there ACP! Welcome to another Shamrock Bulletin post by me, MaddieCW3! Today I have a very special post for you, an EXCLUSIVE interview with the creator of the Army of Club Penguin, Oagalthorp! Yes, the “father of Club Penguin Armies,” himself sat down for an interview with me. This is only the second time he has ever been interviewed in the Club Penguin Private Server era, and I am so thankful for his time. Click “Continue Reading” to check out this interview.

Before we dive into the interview, some of you may have heard the name Oagalthorp but might not know who he is. If you see him in ACP‘s server, he goes by Michael64. Oagal also holds official Club Penguin Army and ACP legends statuses. Here’s a brief introduction from the Club Penguin Army Wiki:

Oagalthorp was the creator and first leader of the Army of Club Penguin, the first official army. ACP helped pave the way for army history, and was one of the center armies of all World Wars. Oagalthorp also modernized tactics at that time and is known as one of the greatest leaders of warfare. He is commonly known as the father of Club Penguin Armies and is a very much known personality throughout the community. He will be forever immortalized as an essential figure to the founding of this community. Without his ideas on the Miniclip Forums in 2006, it is safe to say that armies as we know it would not exist today.

— Club Penguin Army Wiki

Let’s dive into this interview.

MaddieCW3: So first, what inspired you to create the Army of Club Penguin way back when?

Oagalthorp: I was on RuneScape and never got a level high enough for any Clans to accept me. I thought I’d do the same thing on a different MMORPG that wasn’t such a time-sink

Mads: Do you have a memory that sticks out from when you led ACP?

Oagal: Yes. Sitting at my friend Jack’s (Goozgooz’s) parents’ desktop battling the Romans in the fall of 2006

Mads: Did ACP end up winning? Lol

Oagal: Indeed we did! Lol. Back when a whole war and destruction of an army was waged in one fell swoop

Mads: LOL good times, if only it were still that simple. 🤣 What’s kept you coming back to ACP all these years?

Oagal: Every year, around spring, the Bipolar 1 kicks in. I guess. The validation is ok but seeing how the boys—Boomer, Shab, McHappy, Commando717—are doing is golden

Mads: I actually have a service dog for my mental health issues, not bipolar but other stuff 🙂 but that’s awesome! It’s amazing y’all are still around. If you could do anything different with ACP, whether in the original Club Penguin era or the new private server era, what would you do?

Oagal: Cut the heads off these snakes, my guy! I’m talking ACP making its own, private server. Hosting FAIR tournaments and FAIR wars there

Mads: Ooooooooo that’s not a bad idea actually

Oagal: We got enough programmers (Shaboomboom, I’m looking at you) to make it happen

Mads: Just gotta make sure it isn’t nuked by Disney 😭 Do you have any advice for troops? Can be newbies, seasoned veterans, staff/HCOM

Oagal: Yes. IRL is the RL. Live life well, and live life every day. But never forget where you came from. People—be them parents, siblings, friends… online friends——-love you. Treat yourself like that true fact is the true fact it is

Mads: Agreed!!!! Calgo is always telling staff to take breaks. Okay I think last question, but what inspired the username Oagalthorp?

Oagal: Oglethorpe! Duh, lol; Founder of Georgia and hilarious name. Thank you for the interview, Mads

Mads: Thank you for taking the time!! I so appreciate it

Thank you Oagal for taking the time to chat with me! He is going to try to attend the first round of March Madness tomorrow at 3pm EST, along with other ACP legends and veterans! If you are planning on attending, make sure to react to this message. We can’t wait to see you there!

March on troops!


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ACP Major General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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