Dilemma Decisions: Mchappy and Shaboomboom

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to Dilemma Decisions, where we give two people a question to ponder over and see how they respond. This week, unfortunately, will be the last feature of this wonderful column. For the final edition, we will be asking Panel of Guardian members Mchappy and Shaboomboom the following question:

What would you do if an ACP Leader needed to be removed from power for abusing their position?

Mchappy joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2008. He lead the army a grand total of three times, even reaching record sizes of 175+ troops online. For his dedication, he has been given multiple awards such as the ACP Bronze Medal, the Medal of Honour, Medal of Training and he has been appointed to the ACP Panel of Guardians. However, his awards aren’t limited to the clover army only, but the entire community as he holds the CPA Legend title as well. When asked about what he would do, he gave the following response:

If it was really apparent, I probably would consult with HCOM and staff regarding the situation. If a resolution could not be agreed upon with said Leader, I would have to ask them to step down temporarily to 2iC. It is my job as Guardian to always listen to everyone to improve ACP.

Shaboomboom was the 6th leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Due to his enormous feats for the army, he too is one of the four members of the ACP Panel of Guardians. He joined the army in 2008, on the same day as Boomer20, and retired 18 months later. He, however, never stopped serving the army. His most recent accomplishment for the army is the development of the CloverBot, through which all clover transactions for the shop, or for promotions are handled. We reached out to him, asking what he would do in the situation and his answer is as follows:

Start with trying to shift & improve their behaviour. Are they open to changing, to working on it? Are they open to the feedback & advice? Do we have any other options?The nuclear option is of course to remove them from power, which would require a vote by the Panel of Guardians (I believe all members would have to approve).

While their answers may differ, both mchappy and shaboomboom have very wise answers. Shaboomboom would try to talk to the leader in question and try to get them to change their ways, improve, and better themselves. The last resort would be to remove them from power, requiring a vote from all four members of the Panel of Guardians. Mchappy on the other hand, would consult with the Higher Command members, and try to talk with the leader. If a solution is not come upon, asking them to temporarily step down to second in command to protect the army. Great answers from great leaders!

 What would YOU do in this situation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


ACP Colonel and Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

3 Responses

  1. Great answers and amazing work with this column, Action!

  2. awesome way to end off a cool column!

  3. Always a pleasure to hear from our awesome Guardians!

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