ACP History: The Legendary Gamma Division

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Gamma Division, or Gamma Brigade, is one of the Army of CP’s original divisions formed in 2008. 11 years on from its shutdown, it’s returned to the ACP once more.

The creation of the Gamma Division can be traced back to January 6th, 2008, in which a sub-section of the Army of CP was originally called the ‘Gamma Brigade’. Oagalthorp decided to split the Army of CP, a rapidly growing organisation, into several divisions which would have specific brigades listed under them. The Gamma Brigade was part of the ‘Sabre Division’, alongside the ‘Foxtrot Brigade’.

Little resulted in regards to the division at this time as these brigades were used to simply divide up the army and create a more realistic army culture within the ranks. However, a revival of the many different divisions occurred a year later in 2009. Under Boomer20, the divisions quickly became more organised and even had their own websites to co-ordinate their ranks and activities.

The Gamma Brigade housed 70 active members at this time, including some of the ACP and army community’s most legendary figures in the early stage of their army careers. For example, Mr Deedledoo of the CP Army United Nations, 18th ACP leader Bobcatboy10 and CP Army Central CEO Bluesockwa2. Even Nickjonas116, who grew up to become Nick Jonas himself. Ok, that last one was a joke, haha!

The Gamma Division was most notably used as a war offensive. In particular, an offensive known as the ‘Trifecta of Invasions‘, which was organised by leader Boomer20 in March 2009. As per the name, this offensive saw three invasions spread across three operations: Blockade, Doublestrike and Shark Attack. The second, Doublestrike, saw the Gamma division team up alongside the Delta Division and the Underground Mafias to invade the server Parka from the Shadow Troops and Roman Fire Warriors. The invasions were a resounding success and a similar strategy was utilised on numerous other occasions.

On April 26th, 2010, the Gamma Division was shut down by leader-at-the-time Iasgae56. The news was delivered on the second Gamma website by Bobcatboy10.

Bobcatboy10 is still an active Supervisor in the ACP, and he stated the following when I quizzed him on his time serving as the Gamma Division head:

The Gamma Division started out as a Brigade under a parent division with a Field Marshal being the commanding officer. First created by Oagalthorp, the brigade system changed many times over the leadership changes and it eventually became the stand alone division system that we still have today. The system was used for organizing the army and having an efficient way to train new recruits and future leaders through practice battles. The original color was purple, however under a brief time with Shab being leader we were dark blue/black.

It’s been 11 years since the Gamma Division has been in actionToday the division was revived, although the exact purpose and reasoning is being kept under wraps at present time. We can expect more information coming soon.

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Shamrock Bulletin Reporter & ACP Leader-in-Training

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  1. Woo!

  2. I am so happy to see Gamma coming back! Also, thank you for allowing me to share my experiences and memories. It is awesome to share with today’s ACP soldiers!

    Over & Out

  3. Wooo awesome post!

  4. is there a recent discord link?

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