One Year. — ACP Training Regiment

Stand to attention, A + graduates! One Year. It is definitely an amazing milestone to be proud of.  July of last year, the month I graduated and therefore received my A+ graduate role, was one of the best months I’ve had in ACP. I met amazing friends, made awesome and fun memories, all because of […]

One Year. — ACP Training Regiment

Why We Care About The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

In recent days, there seems to be a growing narrative, that began in the Doritos, that compares ongoing Club Penguin warfare to the violent bombing and eradication of Palestinians, comparing ACP to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). The Army of Club Penguin strongly sends our utmost condolences towards those that are directly, or have family involved and affected by the conflict. It is our firm belief that CPA wars are under no scenario comparable to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is why we care about the ongoing conflict.

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IMPORTANT: Discord QR Code Login Scam & Online Safety


As you may already know, today the Discord account of one our Higher Command officers was compromised in a targeted attack with the intention of dismantling our community.

The ACP Discord server itself has been secured, but sustained damage consequent of the security breach. In addition, about 800 server members were pruned/kicked. It is also worth noting that this is not believed to be an attack on the Club Penguin Army community as a whole.

Especially because a member of Higher Command was targeted, the effects of this extend beyond the Discord server itself. Any confidential DMs and other communications accessible via the breached account have also likely been compromised, and it is anticipated that the perpetrators plan to spread their contents. As of now, the compromised account has been recovered and secured.

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