Dilemma Decisions with Nacho and ZoomXT

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to Dilemma Decisions, where we present two people with dilemmas and understand how they would handle the given dilemma. This week we asked Nacho and ZoomXT the following question:

How would you respond to another moderator abusing their staff permissions?

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[UK] Defense of Mammoth Results: VICTORY!

Salutations ACP!

Today the Army of CP soldiers successfully defended our capital and most historic server, Mammoth, from the Crooked Chips! The Doritos were unable to win a single room as the ACP took home an amazing 3-0 victory!

MAX: 50

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[AUSIA] Operation: Green Domination


Hey ACP!

Today we logged on Ascent-Town in Club Penguin Rewritten for our Operation: Green Domination war practice event, we did lots of interesting tactics for this event, we maxed 38 penguins, not bad but we can do better.

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