[US] – Back to the Past – Results!

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Hey there ACP!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent – Town as we maxed 39! We had this fun event where we dressed up as cave penguins and did some quirky word tactics to match the theme. As we headed over to the last room, in the mines, we finished up the event by playing the game, Cart Surfers! Congratulations Major Tasty for winning the Cart Surfer contest!

Max: 39

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CPRewritten Cheats: May 2021 Clothing Catalog Cheats

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Club Penguin Rewritten have released the latest Penguin Style. Join us to discover all of the clothing catalog’s hidden secrets.

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[UK] One Year of the ACP Training Regiment – Results!

Hola ACP!

On May 19th we logged onto Abominable (ACPTR’s Training Grounds) on Club Penguin Rewritten to hold our celebration of the anniversary since the reformation and reopening of the Training Regiment, spearheaded by Max. We ended the event by playing a kahoot, in which Daniel ShadowSaint won! Thanks for everyone who came, it was so fun!

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[US] Invasion of Slushy- Results: VICTORY!

Heya, ACP

Today the Army of CP successfully invaded the Doritos of CP‘s territory which was the land of Slushy! The Doritos were unable to win a single room and we took home yet another 3-0-0 victory!

Max 35

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