[UK/US] Roti Warriors Revived by Army of CP

ASCENT, ‘Roti Warriors Revival’ – Today, the ACP logged onto the server Ascent to revive the famous Roti Warriors army! After the members of ACP showed off their amazing roti-making skills and outfits, the army was officially revived! At the end of the event, following some fun tactics and room changes, we played a game of Four Corners hosted by McHappy. The winners of this fun minigame were Chek and Cubby, congratulations to you both! Let’s aim for another strong event at our Clash of Titans battle tomorrow!

Max: 31

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Comrade Clash: Spotty and Tsanami

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Our latest edition of Comrade Clash will be featuring none other than Master General Spotty and Field General Tsanami! What do they have to say about each other?

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[UK] SWAT Defeated by Clover Defenders in ‘Nemesis Demolition’ Battle

ASCENT, ‘Nemesis Demolition’- Today ACP logged onto Ascent to once again defeat SWAT in a battle that left the ACP victorious! Let’s carry on this winning streak and have a great battle at the Clash Of Titans this Saturday!

Max – 35

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