[UK] ACPSIS Mission: Formation Fiesta – Results!

Hey ACP!
Today our UK Division logged onto Abominable Club Penguin Rewritten to discover the next set of clues to help us solve our missing clovers case! Throughout the event, we solved a variety of different riddles and made our way around the island, with each room giving us different letters to unscramble. We ended at the beach where we found our last letter, and we were left with the letters O R T O B. After unscrambling them we discovered that the word was none other than the name of one of our HCOM members, Robot, and when questioned he didn’t give us any answers!

Max: 27

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Dilemma Decisions with King Mondo and Zelly

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In our latest edition of the Dilemma Decisions column, we spoke with Advisors King Mondo and Zelly to get their take on the following question:

What would you do if another Advisor was giving the leader bad advice?

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[US] Battle vs. Templars – Results!

Hola, ACP!

Earlier today, during our AUSIA event, we decoded our next clue to uncover the person, or people, who stole the clovers from our Clover Bot. As the clue was discovered to be “Old Foe”, in today’s US event we went head on against our old foe, the Templars! Thank you to Robot, Cubby and Daniel for leading the battle. Sadly, as our battle ended, they [Templars] told us that they weren’t the robber we were looking for. This battle surely left us with more questions rather than answers… Stay tuned for upcoming events as we get closer and closer to uncovering the true robber.

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