[UK] ACP vs. IW Practice Battle

KLONDIKE, “Battle: ACP vs. Ice Warriors”– Good afternoon ACP! Today on Saturday, February 18th, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground for an invasion of Zeus’s Retirement Island and a practice battle against the Ice Warriors! We met up in the Town after a few server switches, and eventually moved to the Snow Forts and engaged in an epic battle! The first tactic was a big word bubble bomb, and we quickly moved into an Anchor formation, doing different variations of flickers and big word tactics. When it was time to switch formations, we did a big word bubble waterfall into a backwards L, continuing with creative word tactics and emote flickers. Us troops then did a diagonal wipe with “The only thing that is unknown is your once historic army.” These word tactics were all in good jest of course. After ten minutes, it was time to switch rooms, and everyone quickly flocked to the Iceberg! We bombed again with a big word bubble, followed by a bunch into a great V formation. After a few tactics, we transitioned into a Z wipe using different emotes. Following the successful wipe, we moved into an amazing X formation utilising big word bubble and emote tactics. Our practice was soon over, and we thanked the Ice Warriors for practicing with us and logged off. Our max size was 21 troops, and we will have a Discord Nitro giveaway for our amazing attendees!

Max Size: 21

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