Why We Will Win The AUSIA Arena This Year

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As the AUSIA Arena tournament approaches, this post will highlight why the Army of Club Penguin will win this year’s AUSIA Arena. As stated in Coolguy’s post, the Army of Club Penguin has consistently dominated statistically ever since March Madness ended. We intend to win the AUSIA Arena, and the Higher Commanders and Moderators will tell you why.

Calgocubs21, ACP Commander-in-Chief

We will win. There is no if. There is no buts. There is no conditions. The sleeping giant of ACP has awoken and craves victory.

AustinFraud, ACP Field Marshal

I think we will absolutely dominate the AUSIA Arena tournament. Why? the statistics speaks for themselves. As ACP AUSIA Commander, i can 100% guarantee that this year’s AUSIA will be dominated by the Army of Club Penguin and establish ourselves as having the best AUSIA division in armies this year. I have complete trust on my staff and the higher commanders that we’ll win. Even if our AUSIA isn’t the strongest, it is the strongest in the community at the moment. ACP will win AUSIA Arena this year,16 years in the making, keep watching us.

Coolguy, ACP Field Marshal

Going into the AUSIA Arena, ACP has had the highest maxes across the board, topping AUSIA, UK and US division scores. I think that it’s pretty evident that our form has been great and we haven’t been in a tournament nor a war while achieving these big sizes. While we did have a war with the Dark Viking a couple of weeks ago, our sizes have only improved since then, and so have our skills. Despite all of this, I don’t think we’ll be seen as “the” favorites, however, if we are maxing over 30 for non-tournament AUSIAs then you can only imagine the impact that the tournament atmosphere will have. We saw our March Madness run and max was one of the best in the tournament, unfortunately, we didn’t even make it to the finals. We will definitely be the ones to watch this year because of all this. It’ll be hard to defeat an army in this sort of form in a tournament. ACP will go all the way!

AOL, ACP General

Because AUSIA Strong! Our recent max sizes are proof enough.

Mads, ACP General

I believe that ACP will win AUSIA Arena because our AUSIA troops and staff are some of the best in the league! Whenever I’m able to wake up for an AUSIA event I always see familiar faces online and they’re always so friendly in chat. If North American troops are able to wake up early for AUSIA Arena, I know we can easily max 40-60 online. Non-AUSIA troops, just chug some coffee like I do and we are going to take home this trophy!

Caisha, Brigadier General

Besides our determined leaders and hard training, we have put a lot of effort in recruiting and we have a good amount of troops ready to show up and kick some butt. We are hyped up for the tournament and will bring the energy to every battle. I believe these things are gonna be the key to our success, so our opponents better watch out!

Nefe, Brigadier General

I believe ACP will win AUSIA Arena because I think we have the motivation and want to push us over the edge. I think that ACP has too much to prove to let this opportunity slip away from us. I do not think it’s gonna be easy and I do not think it’s gonna be a landslide win, but the danger of losing I think is what is gonna push us into victory.

mcdonalds, Major General

I think ACP will win the AUSIA Arena because we are cool

The Staff and Higher Commanders appear to be prepared and have set their sights on bringing home the AUSIA Arena trophy this year. Whatever comes their way, the aforementioned are determined and fired up. The team is prepared to win, but are YOU?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & AUSIA Division Commander

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