ACP Clinches #1 for 3rd Time Under Current Leadership

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin has once again reclaimed its place as the number one army in the Top Tens after last being first for the week starting on March 12 and ending on March 18. Our rise back to the top position comes just one month after our last #1, clinching it on the week beginning on April 16 and ending on April 22. This is the third time that we have claimed the top spot in the Top Ten under the leadership of Calgocubs21.

Not only have we seen the army rise to the top once more, but we have also seen growth in all areas of our army. On Saturday, we took to CPA Battleground for an unscheduled US event and managed to max an astounding 36 troops with no build-up/hype. This is an incredible feat. Not only that, our UK, US and AUSIA divisions have been topping the Top Tens for many weeks as our divisions continue to grow and become even more powerful!

However, our growth and domination in the Top Tens does not and cannot end here as we must go on to break the army’s all-time record for most #1 finishes in the Top Tens in the CPPS era. We also are participating in the AUSIA Arena tournament in May, which we aim to win. The grind does not stop now, in fact, it has only just begun. We need to stride forward and reclaim ACP’s dominance in this community. We should never be overlooked and we should always thrive!

Keep marching on and continuing to support us as we aim for much greater heights. We will not only break our Top Ten record in the CPPS era but we will also go on to break many other records along the way, we just need all of your help to do it! Stand united and we will rise!

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  1. […] will highlight why the Army of Club Penguin will win this year’s AUSIA Arena. As stated in Coolguy’s post, the Army of Club Penguin has consistently dominated statistically ever since March Madness […]

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