ACP Weekly Recap #4 — [19-25 March, 2023]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there ACP! It’s time for another weekly recap with me, MaddieCW3! Read on to find out more.


The logo for the Recruiter of the Week logo. "Recruiter" is written in all-caps green letters, with "Of The Week" in white cursive letters underneath. On the right side is a silver trophy of a penguin wearing a variation of the ACP uniform.

ACP had two Recruiters of the Week for this week, and they were none other than Joe/Action and DeeP! Action got six new recruits and one CPAB activation, and DeeP got four new recruits! Thank you both for your hard work.

I reached out to them for comment, and here’s what they had to say.

DeeP: Thank you to the HCOM, Moderators and Troops for letting me be a part of this wonderful community and helping me grow as a person and as a troop

Action: I’m truly honoured to have been the recruiter of the week. Recruiting is an essential part of being staff and I will do my best to help the army as much as possible ❤

Interested in helping grow ACP and have a chance at becoming one of the legendary recruiters of the week? Reach out to a staff member to join our recruiting force!


A three-dimensional yellow star with a green border. It is facing slightly to the left.

The thirteenth-ever Soldier of the Week for ACP is our legendary founder, Oagalthorp! He hasn’t played in-game in over eight years, but made the time to log on for the second round of March Madness. We are so thankful that he has made his way back to ACP and serves as an inspiration for all troops. I reached out to him for comment.


This week, ACP secured the number one spot on CPA’s and CPAT’s weekly ranking. This is due to the hard work and dedication of all of ACP’s members. Let’s keep working hard to keep the momentum growing!


On March 23, ACP troops logged on to Adrianople to revive HCOM member Austin‘s old army, the Elites! ACP also added our 50th server to the DRACP, a major milestone! To read more, click here. PS: shoutout to our judge for getting a good night’s rest.


Congratulations to all of the troops who earned a March Madness medal for fighting for ACP in the tournament! A Bronze Medal Award was also handed out to me (more info below). To read more, check out this post written by Rarity here. Also, all March Madness medals have been awarded. If we missed you for some reason, please let an HCOM or staff member know.


On Friday we were supposed to have a practice battle, but due to an unfortunate miscommunication, the battle was canceled at the last minute. Nonetheless, we were able to get some good practice in. Check out this recap post for more information.


Recently our very talented ACP Advisor, Koloway gave ACP’s website a fresh new design that hasn’t been changed in close to 2 years. We hope you all enjoy the new graphics and redesign! Stay tuned as we continue to overhaul all our graphics to reflect our new era.


Are you interested in joining ACP‘s amazing staff team? The Call to Arms is still active! Fill out this form if you are interested, and one of our HCOM members will reach out!


A new medal has been introduced! The Oagalthorp Medal of Valor can only be awarded by Oagal, and the idea was created after he tried to award all March Madness Round 2 attendees a medal (lol). No begging for this medal is allowed — if you do, you will be timed out! We also introduced an Oagalthorp Tracker — if you want to be pinged whenever he is chatting or online, you can grab this role from the self roles channel.


With the end of ACP‘s run in March Madness, Calgo announced that an HCOM member was promoted to Field General (2ic). This honor was bestowed upon Austin, who has been growing our AUSIA division since he joined us, showed strong initiative, and helped lead one of the rooms during our second March Madness battle. Austin is only the second staff member to serve as 2ic under Calgo, and I reached out to him for comment.

I wasn’t expecting a promotion until Calgo hinted if to me, being a 2ic in this great army is nothing but an accomplishment. I plan to set a standard for the ACP HCOM where every HCOM has capabilities of being the greatest leaders in the community.

Rarity also moved into the Coordinator position with BlossomBel! We are so thankful for all of her hard work. When reached out to comment, she said,

It’s the best decision I ever made for my current situation. I also love tedious work and simple tasks when it comes to my autism so I am able to thrive in this position. I am extremely thankful that Calgo offered me this position


This week, Calgo announced the thirty-second recipient of the coveted Bronze Medal Award, an honor that hasn’t been handed out in over two years. The recipient was me, and this was a surprise, but I am so honored that I was chosen! In his announcement post, Calgo mentioned that I shattered expectations, worked hard for March Madness, and worked through a concussion. Again, this is such an honor, and I am so proud to be part of such an amazing army. Thank you to my fellow staff members, HCOM, and troops for supporting me! Check out the Hall of Fame page here.


There have been many promotions lately among our members! This is a testament to the tenacity and loyalty of our troops. Congratulations to everyone who has been promoted! PS: the Ranks page on our main website was recently updated by me, feel free to check it out! Link:

March Madness Round 2

  • Second Lieutenant: Caisha, Cedrik, DeeP, yaboidoge
  • Sergeant Major: Yeeter, KikiKat, brokensmile
  • Master Sergeant: cAt_, bee
  • Staff Sergeant: LanaBunn, Torutu, Noomi, ?Unknown?
  • Sergeant: quandaladeez, Jonny1Playz, Hightower, Estir, Sunnymon, Victor, goul, ZVYPHXBIA, Cup a Joe, Bluevee

Also, if you have the in-game username of thatgoatcar, please let a staff or HCOM member know so we can get you your promotion and March Madness medal.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for a great week! If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to a staff member or drop a comment on this post.


Pronouns: they/them

ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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