An Introduction To Coolguy

Hey, so, as you may know, I have chosen to join the Army of Club Penguin. However, some of you may not be aware of who I am or what my journey has been, thus far, in Club Penguin Armies so I aim to give you a bit of an introduction to Coolguy.

So, who is Coolguy?

Well, most of you may know me as a leader of the Special Weapons And Tactics army which has fought many wars against ACP. The armies were heated rivals who saw nothing but hatred for one another. However, I, along with Calgocubs and Mchappy, aimed to change that in 2022 by creating neutrality and then an alliance. While this alliance did break down, leading to a war, this was a monumental change for both armies, making history for both. Even now, after the war, there’s no bad blood between the two armies which has positively affected our relationship.

As for me, well I’ve been leading SWAT for nearly 3 years, rejoining SWAT as a veteran upon their reopening in May 2020. Before this generation of SWAT, I had also been involved in many other armies. My time in armies started in 2011/2012, and I created the persona of Coolguy, also dubbed as ‘coolguyfwcp’ on Xat (the platform we used back then). The cp part of the name will make sense to many as it stood for Club Penguin but the fw part may not. I stumbled upon the Fire Warriors when making my Xat name, and as an impressionable kid, I love the whole fire getup and thought the name was cool (LOL get the joke) and original. So, I was definitely interested in the army, even attending one of their events. I took inspiration to add FW into my Xat name. However, upon joining armies which I had stumbled across previously on Club Penguin, I joined a lot of servers to explore but let’s rewind just a bit.

Before I joined a lot of army servers, there was one army that I got recruited into off of a CP Cheats Xat. The person who recruited me was none other than Crazy186, he’s now known as a SWAT and DW army legend. I’m proud to say that he recruited me into an army he was leading. He was not only the person who recruited me, a legend in armies but also a mentor and most importantly, a friend. It’s a shame that not many people that saw him in his prime are still active but no doubt his memory in armies lives on.

Anyhow, from joining the United Countries of Club Penguin in 2012 to going on to lead it, it was an amazing experience. In that army, I met a lot of well-known faces including Ganger90 and 32op. The connections I made there were irreplaceable, some legendary faces, some new faces who grew alongside me and also went on to do great things, these relationships definitely can’t be forgotten. They also influenced and shaped my army career from my time in DCP to my time in SWAT (in original CPA). In the original CPA, DCP was definitely an army I felt fondly about, especially after the closure of UCCP. I grew close to both SWAT and DCP while in UCCP so these armies have always had a place for me. I have also been involved in Night Rebels, Chaos, Ice Warriors, Army Republic, Redemption Force, Templars, Coup Crusaders and others.

Now, some questions may be who, what, where, when, why, etc. However, I’m sure if I were to detail everything it’d be a 10k-word essay. But if you do have any questions about anything or just about me then just ask me.

I think it’s important to note that it’s never easy to make big changes in life and the move to ACP is a massive move for me, so I thought about it a lot – Calgo and I talked about this and other things. We agree on many things and have similar views, and it’s not easy when I’ve just left a home and troops who I’ve watched grow up as not only army members but as people. However, I definitely have goals and ambitions coming into this army. I am coming into ACP as an experienced leader and veteran of many armies however, will be working very closely with the HCOM team as I aim to prove myself as the right man for the job in ACP, residing as a Field Marshal, alongside the very capable AustinFraud who has had their own different experiences in CPA and ACP. Despite this fact, my goal goes beyond field marshal as I aim to work alongside Calgo in ACP’s leadership and bring ACP to new heights with new ideas and new ways of thinking that give an outside leader’s perspective on what we can do to help make ACP become an unstoppable force.

What makes me think that I’m the right person to do this or that any ideas that I have will work? Well, while nothing is certain, I believe that my different experiences within the CPA community will massively help in determining what may and may not work. Not only that but my experiences outside of CPA helped me adjust to the platform during the early days and shed some light on many things that can make or break servers, while these may not be life-changing things, I aim to promote a more active and community feel to ACP. Seeing the chat deflated is never something I like to see with armies I am in so that’s just one thing I aim to combat to make sure that this army is welcoming to new troops and that it’s a place that they want to be and want to interact with. Of course, I have bigger ideas, but you’ll have to wait and see 😉

As for army goals, well I think it’s fair to say that I am hungry, determined and I never will back down from a fight so whether it be a tournament or war, I am looking to take W’s from them and take them accomplishments to further ACP and what it can achieve…what we all can achieve, together. SWAT will always hold a place within my heart, however, that won’t stop me from helping you all to become great army members, from helping our army succeed nor from aiming for the very best – because this is what I’ll be expecting, the best. Alone, we are simply a tiny drop of water. Together, we are the rain that contributes so much to the world we all live in. Alone, we are not even a sword protector but simply 1 star on a belt, together we create the ultimate swordsman who will strike down anything on its path to glory.

With that being said, I hope that you will all be welcoming and supportive as we embark on this new journey together. We shall take no more losses in tournaments but shall prepare heavily for the next time it comes around so we can prove that we are a force not to be underestimated! It takes everyone helping out to be able to do that. Help me, help you in our cause to make ACP great! Let’s go out there later in the year and WIN the Legends Cup. Let’s go out and win any war that presents itself. Let us make our own legacy!

To New Beginnings

~ Signing off

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