Moment of the Month: March 2023

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The end of April is upon us. Therefore, it’s time for us to release our top moments of the past month, revealing which moment was voted for as the top moment of March.

The month of March has been an eventful one for the Army of Club Penguin as we have had tournament runs, war, and even seen some new faces come into the army to help grow ACP even more. Picking the top moment of the month was not an easy choice. With that said, we decided to give everyone within the army the chance to vote for their moment of the month. So without further ado, we present the Moment of the month (March) and two runner-ups.

3. Coolguy joins ACP as 2nd in Command

Written by AustinFraud

Without a doubt, one of the most significant events this month has been former Special Weapons And Tactics leader Coolguy’s departure from the army on March 28, after three years of leadership, to join the Army Of Club Penguin as second in command. Coolguy is a well-known figure in the army community, having led the agents through a number of wars and tournaments. During his three-year reign, SWAT was a force to be reckoned with. Dubbed as the newest UK division commander, his division had the most impact in the recent Muddy Marathon war against Dark Vikings. Let us see how influential his journey will be in ACP.

2. Declaring War on Dark Vikings

Written by Coolguy

One of the biggest moments of the month, arguably, was the Dark Vikings War, also dubbed as the Muddy Marathon War. The war started after many allegations were made against the Vikings. The declaration post made on March 30 made clear that ACP would not tolerate their anti-ACP behavior, abuse and attitude. Nor would we let the actions of the Dark Vikings within the community, take place without any consequences. However, the war took place off-map as DV did not want to participate in a league. After eight scheduled battles over the course of three weeks, the war ended with a score of 8-0-0, symbolizing that ACP had won all eight battles of the war. Not all of these battles were two-way though as the Vikings failed to show up for the majority of the war. This ended with ACP declaring victory and with no treaties being imposed.

1. Controversial addition of Handguin & Feetguin

Written by Calgo

In the early hours of April 7, AOL made the unfortunate find of a stock Handguin photo. An hour later, a green Handguin was reborn, reigniting long-forgotten fears of his evil twin, Feetguin entering the fold. Fear became reality as both Feetguin and Handguin made their mark on the server, taking the Clovers by storm. Becoming stickers almost immediately, the Clovers issued a poll on Twitter asking which twin was the mightiest, starting what could have been a fierce battle. Instead, the brothers were inseparable and were soon edited by the likes of Mare to remind the Clovers that they sold their souls to the army. As Feetguin chased them down, Handguin was there to collect their money for additional nitro giveaways. It is only fitting that Handguin and Feetguin are this month’s top ACP moment as they have both drawn controversy. The duo stand to be ACP’s greatest asset in the fight against Calgo’s diminishing bank funds.

March had a lot of great moments, including our run in the March Madness competition and the achievements we made there. However, the top moment of the month is the Hand/Feetguin debate! Do you agree with this? Be sure to let us know what your favorite moment of the month was. What will the top moment of April be? Be sure to stick around to find out!

Shamrock Bulletin Editors

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