[UK] The Vengeance Alliance Reunites

ASCENT, “Vengeance Practice Battle” – Hey, ACP! Today, the UK division of the Clover Empire logged on for a practice battle with other armies of the Vengeance Alliance, HF and PIC, and we reached a maximum size of 8 penguins online! For this battle, we started in the docks, then we moved to the snow forts, after that we headed to the stadium, then we went to the beach and we finished in the iceberg with a fun trivia about Club Penguin, which was won by Help Force! Everyone did an amazing job today, now here are some pictures of today’s battle!

Max size: 8

Thanks to everyone that attended this battle! Check out the #events channel for the next events, and leave a comment if you attended! 🍀


ACP Co-ordinator

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