A Week Filled With Joy

Come celebrate the holidays with ACP in a Christmas themed week! This week ACP celebrates the holidays with a theme week with a variety of challenges and ways to earn clovers, rank up and earn roles! With two themes going at it! Team Rudolph and Team Frosty! This competition will contain fun competitions on CPR and Branch battles! This week we have some exciting Things such as

-ACP’s Holiday Igloo contest

-ACP’s Holiday costume contest

-Holiday Trivia

-Holiday Movie Night

Nitro giveaways

How will Team Rudolph vs Team Frosty work? Both teams will compete in a variety of CPR mini games whichever team comes up with the best scores at the end of the mini game competitions will receive clovers, Teams will have points for the mini games for example if team frosty beats team Rudolph in a cart surfer tournament team frosty receives one point. For the branch battle whichever team defeats the other team will receive 2 points for the branch battle! At the end of the week whichever team has won more tournaments will earn a role and clovers!

May the best team win!



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