[AUSIA] The Clovers Enjoy The Snow During Winter

ASCENT, “Mission: Snow Avalanche” – Hey, ACP! On December 2nd, our AUSIA division logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a fun winter mission, wearing our goggles to protect us from the snow during this event where we reached a maximum size of 11 penguins online! During this mission, we started in the town, and then we moved to the snow forts, after that we finished the event with a fun sled race in the ski hill! Thanks to the amazing people that attended this mission, I hope you had lots of fun!

Max size: 11

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[US] Training Clover’s

Ascent,”Clover’s training”– Hello ACP! Today, the clover empire’s US division logged onto CP Rewritten for our training event, we started out at the town and headed to the iceberg and stadium, Everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations, We reached a maximum size of 14 troops and had a lot of fun together. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 14

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