[AUSIA] The Clovers Enjoy The Snow During Winter

ASCENT, “Mission: Snow Avalanche” – Hey, ACP! On December 2nd, our AUSIA division logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a fun winter mission, wearing our goggles to protect us from the snow during this event where we reached a maximum size of 11 penguins online! During this mission, we started in the town, and then we moved to the snow forts, after that we finished the event with a fun sled race in the ski hill! Thanks to the amazing people that attended this mission, I hope you had lots of fun!

Max size: 11

Thanks to everyone that attended this mission! Remember to check out the #events channel for our next events, and leave a comment if you attended! 💚🍀


ACP Co-ordinator

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  1. I was there!!

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