A Journey Through Forever – Retirement of FatChicken88 and 47th Leader Inauguration

Even forever has a final destination.

March 21st, 2020. The day I finally decided to get round to trying out the game I heard about – also the day Cubster recruited me. From this day stemmed over a year and a half of fun, crazy moments, happy and sad moments, and a lot more. Many of these moments took place all the way from troop, to moderator, to HCom, to finally leader.

My troop days were fun and I quickly became attached to the army, and taking my total attendance count high into the hundreds. The ACPRF opened it’s doors to me on my very first day, enabling me to quickly begin recruiting (spoiler alert, I sucked at it). But eventually, after a bunch of fun wars and events, I managed to pass the tests and get into the moderator team.

My moderator period brings about what came to be the largest period of time in the ACP team. – just under 9 months (pro tip, recruit and it wont be that short :wary:). I saw many things in this period, going through tournaments, wars and much more. Towards the end I became more prominent in welcoming than in recruiting, leading me to find my new main goal – increase troop retention. Later on, this was one of the major factors that led me to reach the Higher Command.

ACP HCOM was by far one of the best moments in the army. Right after my promotion began the March Madness tournament, making it one of my favorite moments. After going through a lot of crazy shit, some more stupid tournaments and god knows what else the day finally came. The majority of the HCOM team I was in decided it was time for them to retire, and this led to me taking up a position as a leader.

I took the helm of ACP along with the remaining ACP HCOM – Tia and Faith – as well as a couple of former ACP returning to help out (Sidie and Zelly), and I’m ever grateful for their assistance. I took the position with one major goal in my head, to help ACP transition between CSY’s higher command and the next higher command. This however spiraled into much more as we got caught up in wars, maps, and more.

Each and every one of these periods in ACP cannot be encompassed in simple words, and I just provided a simple summary of my time here. Overall, ACP was by far one of the most fun and crazy chapters of my life – even with the any of stupid shit that happened. I enjoyed working in CPAH as a reporter and judge. I enjoyed every single moment of the army as well as any other joke ones we made (shoutout to cries cult, the biggest box critters army ever).

I’d like to give some special thanks to the people that made this experience worth it:

ACP HCOM (the golden era one): You guys made ACP what it is, I barely worked in the HCOM team with you guys but regardless you guys were amazing

kaiteadanken: You 3 were the best friends to have in this journey, and making that gc was more than enough to keep the CPA experience fun.

Daniel: There’s so much about you that I don’t know how to put into words. You were always the one that was the one staff buddy that helped me with react lists, and any other shit we needed to get done. You later became an amazing friend that I still talk to about basically anything (shout out to random history convos) ily<3

Kailey: holy shit I have no idea how long I’ve acc been ur friend, but you’ve been there since day 1 of ACP. Talking to you and making fun of ur dumbass mistakes is always a blast. Thank you for being there as the ACPRF director that made me stay in ACP as a troop. ily day 345 ❤ (20 more to a year!)

Tia: There is way too fucking much to say about you that won’t exactly fit here. Thank you for being my best friend through the moderator, hcom, and leader experience. I appreciate you being there for me and yknow I love you

Cubby: Thank u for recruiting and mentoring me, you were by far the main factor that I got where I got.

The current ACP HCOM (Roxy, Jesus, Faith): You three are what I stayed for, and I have no doubts you will take ACP to great heights. Thank you for being an amazing team to work with, and keep marching on.

Sanya: As one of the other HCOM that came back to help me, and an amazing ACP supervisor/C.O, thank you for being there and being one of the most helpful people around.

Sidie and Zelly: As the other two that joined my HCOM team to help out, I’m ever grateful for your help in covering the timezones I couldn’t make it to. And to zelly – thank you for also being one of the people that helped me settle in to the army.

The c*cks (yetico included): From a templars war groupchat (for legal reasons, unrelated to ACP Higher Command) to a fun friend groupchat where the weirdest shit goes down, you all were amazing friends to have.

Cheky: The king of retirements himself, thank you for being my mod/iw mod/rpf mo… buddy, you know you mean a lot to me

Aurora, Leila, every RR person, Caramel, Sophie, CPAH editing team (minus pookie lol), Cube, all the people I was a mod with (only if u remember staff chat dox sesssion tho), Rah, Scorp, Help Force, Mow, my troop buds (cherry, doink, yesn’t ig, des, death, light, myth, etc.), Tina, Diwix

Every single one of you, and almost everyone else I met (except if I clearly hate u), are what made this community fun – so thank you.


However, before I fully retire, I have some more thanks I need to give out as a leader

To Cubster:

It is quite rare for anyone to be commemorated way after their retirement, however throughout my time as a troop, mod, and HCOM, I recognized one fundamental part of the army. The Silver Medal Award is often given to those that show outstanding effort multiple times. Cubster has always been there for ACP: Being the reason we even broke 10,000 members, the reason the ACP staff team recruited their asses off for any tournament, being a fundamental recruiter and recruiting event hoster throughout Fright or Fight (where we almost outsized our opponents and won), March Madness (where we gained a 2nd place position), Project Conquest (where we trumped over everyone else due to our sizes, and much more. Cubster was always one of the best at motivating the staff team while also hauling ass himself. To this, I believe that he has more than deserved this award.

For his consistent efforts to help ACP skyrocket, unbroken loyalty, and much more, I hereby award Cubster with the Silver Medal Award.


Also while reviewing past work, and the reviews of the HCOM I was under and with Panel of Guardians approval, they all showed feedback that I myself deserve the BMA. So in retrospect of my work and in light of their views, I would like to fulfill their wishes and for the first time in ACP history – award myself with the Bronze Medal Award.

Please note that this was approved and officially awarded by the PoG and the HCOM I served under who thought I deserved it.

To Jesus:

ACP was in a terrible spot when everyone retired, and it’s no secret. We needed tons of recruiting effort in a staff team that kept getting smaller. Throughout my leadership, one person shone above all in providing the recruiting we needed to stay alive, the leadership we needed at any time, the constant maintaining of every other system we had in place – regardless of if he was free to do it or not, he still did.

For his extreme efforts over multiple months, his constant loyalty and dedication, and his hard work at keeping ACP above the water through hard times, I hereby award Jesus1_4 with the Bronze Medal Award


As this is my final post, and my retirement. There remains a spot open for the ACP leadership position.

It is my pleasure to inaugurate Jesus1_4 as the 48th Commander-in-Cheif of the Army of Club Penguin. There is no person that deserves and is more ready for this position. Jesus has proved countless times that he is prepared and able to give his all for ACP, as is needed by a leader.


Signing off for the final time. Green Together, Family Forever.


47th ACP Commander-in-Chief and ACP Legend/BMA


5 Responses

  1. moans

  2. Congratulations ckn you were amazing

  3. Wishing you the best retirement my guy ❤

  4. Goodbye Chicken. May the force be with you. From a fellow PIC and HF ally that is a Templar and a friend

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