[USA] Clovers War Parade

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

WARZONE, “War On Swat: End Of War Parade”– Good morning, Army of Club Penguin! On Wednesday, January 4th, our USA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone for an event where we held our Victory Parade celebrating and marking the end of our war with SWAT known as the Troubled Allies War that resulted in a 5-0 victory. We started off in Town, starting with an invasion of Siberia, inside the Mine. Thank you to Nicky for judging our invasion and making this possible. We then did an iron curtain where we marched from the forest all the way around the island into the attic of the Ski Lounge. We then finished off at Dojo where Calgocubs21 issued war medals to the troops who contributed to our efforts in the war calling them each one by one up to the podium. In the end, we managed to max a good amount of 20 penguins online.

Max Size: 20

Max Size Picture:

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