Advice From One Leader to Another

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As the current leader of the ACP, I have been reflecting on my leadership and seeking ways to improve. In this post, I reached out to past leaders of the army to get their opinions and insights regarding my leadership and how I can become a better leader. It is always important to seek advice and learn from those who have come before us, which is why I am excited to share the thoughts of these experienced leaders with YOU!

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ACP Game Night

Haider ACP!

After reading a few of the soldier’s opinions I thought I’d use one today, to try and bring back fun! Don’t worry I’ll put a few more into action this coming week. This is very last notice but I think everyone would agree having it on the weekend is better than a weekday when some people who aren’t as fortunate to have February break have school. Coming in the next few days I’ll invite soldiers on chat to come set sail on the migrator for an ACP adventure!

ACP Game Night [Tonight!]

Why: To loosen up and have some good fun on CP!

When: Sunday February 25th, Tonight!

Starting Times:

5:00 PM Eastern

4:00 PM Central

3:00 PM Mountain

2:00 PM Pacific

10:00 PM United Kingdom


  • Journey to the three islands on Rockhopper’s quest
  • Play mini games on CP
  • Have a hockey game at the ice rink
  • Hang out in igloos
  • See if we can have tea in Ken’s igloo 😆
  • Play imaginary poker in Stew’s igloo
  • And much much more….

Comment if you can come, whatever we do, it’s your choice!

March on,

    ~Slider ACP Head General

Improving ACP: Your Opinion

Hello ACP!

I thought I’d mix it up a bit and help give soldiers a chance to voice their opinions and ideas openly on how we as an army could improve. All you need to do is comment, telling us what you think in ACP that needs improvement, weather it’s more fun, more practice battles, more recruiting, ect. Try to be specific in your comments like for example “I think we need more fun in ACP, like playing more mini games as a group and enjoying parties together!”. After we get 50 or so comments I’ll pick out a few good ones and try to put them into action. Time to think….

Comment with your opinions on what we could do to improve ACP!

March on,

     ~Slider ACP Head General