ACP Game Night

Haider ACP!

After reading a few of the soldier’s opinions I thought I’d use one today, to try and bring back fun! Don’t worry I’ll put a few more into action this coming week. This is very last notice but I think everyone would agree having it on the weekend is better than a weekday when some people who aren’t as fortunate to have February break have school. Coming in the next few days I’ll invite soldiers on chat to come set sail on the migrator for an ACP adventure!

ACP Game Night [Tonight!]

Why: To loosen up and have some good fun on CP!

When: Sunday February 25th, Tonight!

Starting Times:

5:00 PM Eastern

4:00 PM Central

3:00 PM Mountain

2:00 PM Pacific

10:00 PM United Kingdom


  • Journey to the three islands on Rockhopper’s quest
  • Play mini games on CP
  • Have a hockey game at the ice rink
  • Hang out in igloos
  • See if we can have tea in Ken’s igloo 😆
  • Play imaginary poker in Stew’s igloo
  • And much much more….

Comment if you can come, whatever we do, it’s your choice!

March on,

    ~Slider ACP Head General

35 Responses

  1. This will be so fun 😀

  2. I already had tea in Kens igloo
    But he wouldnt give me tea 😥

  3. I cant come sorry going to sleep at 10:00.

  4. soz too late for uk and ire

  5. I can come

  6. I can make the event.
    Lets all hope for tea!

  7. I hope we can raid Ken’s basement…

  8. Lol i can come

  9. i think i can come!

  10. this sounds awesome! its kinda what i had in mind when i posted!

  11. so annoying i cant make the cp game night to late got school tomorrow but i will at the one at walrus looking froward to it

  12. please make another acp game night soon for uk maybe march the 5 Friday 6:00 pm for uk plz!

  13. I should be able to come! Let’s all hope for Tea and raid Ken’s basement…! :3

  14. I’ll be there. Ken better have some good tea *dhat*

  15. I’ll be there. What mysterious objects lie in Ken’s igloo?

  16. I can come

  17. Sounds fun! Is it only for ACP troops?

    • Nopeeeeee. We’re not butthurt like LT.

      • Lol, butthurt LT. Glad that everyone can come, not only ACP troops. Anyway, i’ll try my best to come, but i have to go to my grandma’s house today, so i’ll try my best.

  18. I was in kens iggy before!



  21. WHAT SERVER??????????????

  22. Awww lucky! We checked the website at 10am this morning and there wasn’t a posting about this. Now it’s after 4pm and it’s over. We would have loved to go to game night and raiding Ken’s China dishes! I hear he doesn’t use REAL sugar? (wary) perhaps that is what is hidden in his basement?!

  23. WOW I heard from Pengy38088 that in Kenneth’s basement he found an Ipod, an Ipad, a computer, a ton of ACP uniforms, a lot of old newspapers, and some LT servants. XD Sadly I could not make it.

  24. Awww. I’m just seeing this 😦 Make another one for next Saturday 😀

  25. I may be able to come. (:

  26. I’d have to suggest that you schedule a “games night” on Battlefield 3, most likely on the most hectic and chaotic map, Operation Métro, for a change. Or at least create a platoon called “ACP” (no, really?), for our greater enjoyment. That would improve my chances of rejoining. Hey- you could at least have legitimate ranks. 😀

    (Did I just post something? Woah.)

  27. Do you guys even go to school!

    • Many of “us” (I can’t exactly count myself) are in school, in higher grades, but there are a few who have actually finished school, and are overly old to be playing a Disney children’s game. Majority- in school.

      ~Adamsapple4- Retired ACP General~

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