CP Rewritten: Earth Day Code Released

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – A new code has been released which you can use to unlock three new outfits and 10,000 coins! Read more below to find out what the code is and how you can unlock it!

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A Guide To Using CP Rewritten

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Although Club Penguin Rewritten is a simple game, it may be difficult to grasp the basics as a new player. This guide will walk you through the simple map, coin, and catalog basics as well as what the thing we call ‘Tactics’ are.

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December 2020 Clothing Catalog Secrets + NEW Pin – CPR Guide

Hey there ACP!

Recently, CPR announced a new clothing catalog along with a new pin! Read on to find out more!

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2020 Fair Walkthrough – CPR Guide



Recently CPR released the fair update containing a plethora of new things and this guide covers them all!

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CPR Cheats: March 2020 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey ACP!
Today the new CP Rewritten clothing catalog was released, and I have you covered with all the hidden item locations!

March On! ~Max
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European Division Leader/Field Marshal

CP Rewritten 3rd Anniversary Full Walk-through & Cheats