A Guide To Using CP Rewritten

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Although Club Penguin Rewritten is a simple game, it may be difficult to grasp the basics as a new player. This guide will walk you through the simple map, coin, and catalog basics as well as what the thing we call ‘Tactics’ are.

Quick Basics

Here are the most important features of the penguin bar at the bottom:

Map: Used to navigate around the island. It is explained later in the post!

Emotes: You can use this to do the most common emotes in-game, instead of using keyboard shortcuts for them

Chatbar: By far one of the most important on there, this can be used to input ‘Tactics’ as well as communicate with other penguins!

Edit Player: You can use this to change the outfit your penguin wears! Click on the arrow pointing left once the player card comes up in order to choose your items.

How To Use The Map

Once you’ve logged on to CP Rewritten, you can access the rest of the world by opening the map at the bottom left. Click the little :maps: icon at the bottom left to open up the map screen. You can use your mouse to click on any area you want to go to!

Here is a labeled map of each of the rooms, be sure to keep these in mind for our events/battles!

How To Earn Coins

Earning coins can be done in two ways: playing the various mini-games on Club Penguin (roam around the island to find these!) and Mining.


You may be asking how to mine, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide on mining:

Step One: Head to the Mine on the map

Step Two: Walk into the building on the right

Step Three: Head through into the Cave Mine

Step Four Pick up the mining helmet from the left and put it on using the Edit Player button
Step Five: Finally, head into the brown area of the Cave Mine and press ‘D’ on your keyboard to start mining. Keep moving around every 10-15 seconds to maximize the amount you get.

How To Buy Items In The Catalogs

Getting coins is only half the battle, as these coins can be used to purchase in-game clothing and accessories! There are usually three main item catalogs in Club Penguin. The main one is the Gift Shop Catalog while the other two are the Sports Catalog & the Stage Catalog. Along with these three major catalogs, there are also smaller 1-page catalogs scattered around the island that you can get things at.

To purchase something, head over to the location of the catalog you want:

  • Gift Shop (in the Town): Gift Shop Catalog
  • Stadium/Ice Rink: Sports Catalog
  • Stage (in the Plaza): Stage Catalog

Once at the location, just open the catalog by pressing the book at the bottom left corner, and then click on a price tag. Once you press on it, you will be prompted to buy the item!

Be sure to grab the ACP Uniform using the catalogs. Check out the uniform page here to find out how to get the uniform.

Basic Tactics (Emotes/Words)

‘Tactics’ are things we say/do on Club Penguin. There are two main forms:

  • Word Tactics: Copy up what the person leading says, and enter it into your chatbar in-game.
  • Emote Tactics: Either press E + (a letter) or use the emote bar. For example, pressing E + L when the leader says “EL ON 3” will make an :EL: appear above your penguin.

Other Important Tips

I hope this guide managed to help you grasp the basics of Club Penguin. Remember, you can always Direct Message or @Mention a Moderator or Higher Command member in the Army of CP Discord server for assistance on Club Penguin – they’re always happy to help!


ACP General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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