The ACP Clover Cocktail

BREEZE, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Hello ACP! So, for I’ve in this community for some time, and well for those who have got the opportunity to know me a little bit more might know that I’m a bartender and I really like to take pictures of cocktails made by my bartender friends and some of mine.

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Penguin Vogue with Brandon & Mariantt

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Hello and welcome to a special edition of the Penguin Vogue column, where we interview ACP soldiers on their uniforms – the meanings and stories behind each item they wear! Today, we are speaking to Sergeant Brandon and Major Mariantt.

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Studying Tips From An Advisor

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Some of you may have been asking, where have you been, Mchappy? Naturally there is only one answer to this. Studying, of course!

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Road From Recruit: Zeus/Jesus

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In a special edition of the much-loved Road From Recruit column, we explore how ACP General Zeus began his army journey as a private, and what led him to his current position in the Higher Command today.

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Halloween Costume Contest 2021

Shamrock Bulletin News Room – Happy Halloween, ACP! To celebrate the spooky season, the Shamrock Bulletin will be hosting an exciting all-treat and no-tricks Costume Contest. :ghosthearts: Continue reading

Fifteen Years of ACP: 15 Moments Across 15 Years

In celebration of our 15th, Crystal, anniversary!

Addressed to the soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, past and present,

Today marks 15 memorable years of our clover community – an online space that has connected people from all across the globe and become a home away from home, offering us all a sanctuary and escape from the troubles of real life. Along the way there have been some defining moments in our history, and there’s no doubt we’ve been through and seen it all over the past 15 years.

As the very first army to be formed in 2006, we are the first to hit this incredible milestone. Not only do we, the ACP, turn 15 today. Today, the army community also turns 15.

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[UK] History Made With First Special Artillery Regiment Event

ASCENT, SAR Training Grounds – Today our UK division logged onto Ascent for the inauguration of the Special Artillery Regiment, the newest regiment of the D.R.A.C.P that places focus on progressive battle and warfare concepts. With the help of our new friend Timothée, we performed exceptionally. I can’t wait to put into practice our hard work this Wednesday at 4pm EST against the Water Vikings.


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Protected: Event Information: Special Artillery Regiment

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[UK/US] District 1 Declared Victors of the Hunger Games

THE CAPITOL, Hunger Games Arena  – To kick off the new week, the UK and US divisions enjoyed the ACP’s very first Hunger Games event. Following an exciting repeating and opening ceremony, the tributes and their district teams battled against one another in three challenges to be crowned the victors. Our winners, the District 1, enjoyed extra clovers to celebrate their success. Thank you to everyone that took part and made it such a special event!


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[AUSIA] ACP Ravage the Reds in Ausia Conquest Battle

Shamrock Bulletin HQ, “Clover Conquest”Hey Hey, ACP! Today we logged onto the 1-bar Ascent for our Project: Conquest defense of Shamrock Bulletin HQ in AUSIA against our allies Red Ravagers. We reached a maximum size of 34 penguins and managed to defend our land with great success. We had lots of fun, did amazing tactics & formations throughout. Shoutout to every ACP troop who attended the battle, and congratulations for earning 20 clovers each!


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