CPRewritten: Upcoming Graduation Party Information

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – A new Graduation Party has been announced for those who aren’t able to celebrate in person, along with a sneak peek and a free item for you to collect! Join us for the full information!


The Club Penguin Rewritten has posted on their blog a couple days ago in May fifth a post announcing a small fun Graduation Party. This event is a pay tribute to those who are not able to celebrate and graduate in person due to the Covid situation going around in the world. The party is expected to be out after The Mountain Expidition Party!

The post provides us a sneak peek of how will The Dance Lounge be decorated in the party. There will potentially be more rooms decorated for this exciting event!

The Dance Lounge decoration for the Graduation Party.

Further more, the post tells us that in this Decorated room there will be a free item for players to collect – A purple graduation hat! And last but not least, Stu answers a comment made by a player suggesting the coming of a mascot – DJ Maxx- with an Interesting answer. Are we expecting to see a mascot in this party? :E5:

There’s no doubt this event would be exciting to visit! Don’t forget to also use the code “HAPPYGRADUATION” which gives you two graduations hats and some coins! See you at the event itself.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Acp’s Major & Shamrock bulletin reporter 

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  1. Great coverage Was!

  2. Thanks for the info wass!

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