[US] WRFT: Speed Training -Results!



Hey whats up ACP!

Today we logged on Ascent, Town for our WRFT: Speed Training event! We did really fast and fun tactics! Special thanks to Baileybear for VC leading the event, and Daniel and Cubby for leading the training! Sadly we did not hit any goals, but the members that attended earned themselves 4 clovers, congrats!

Soldier Of The Day: UTuber88#0327

Congratulations UTuber on becoming the 4th Soldier of the Day!

Max: 34

Max Pic:


Event Pics:



Remember to react in #march-madness for our battle against Water Vikings in March Madness.

Thats All Folks

Your Favorite Food Here!


ACP Field General

2 Responses

  1. Sorry I wasn’t there. My grandma FaceTimed me, and I thought my dad was gonna want his birthday cake and ice cream in the middle of the event.

  2. I came!

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