Staff Scrutiny with Sanya

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to Staff Scrutiny, where Commander-in-Chief Max will be grilling some of our brightest and very best staff members for satirical purposes only, of course! Keep reading to see how Supervisor Sanya faired.

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[UK] History Made With First Special Artillery Regiment Event

ASCENT, SAR Training Grounds – Today our UK division logged onto Ascent for the inauguration of the Special Artillery Regiment, the newest regiment of the D.R.A.C.P that places focus on progressive battle and warfare concepts. With the help of our new friend Timothée, we performed exceptionally. I can’t wait to put into practice our hard work this Wednesday at 4pm EST against the Water Vikings.


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Protected: Event Information: Special Artillery Regiment

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Withdrawal From The Legends Cup XI Tournament

Addressed to the D.R.A.C.P and army community,

Today on July 24th, 2021, I am announcing the Army of Club Penguin’s official withdrawal from the Legends Cup XI tournament on behalf of the leadership and higher command.

This decision was reached unanimously within the higher command over the past few days, with our intentions before that always having been to take part.

However, our current team have been active within the community for some time now, and have therefore seen and participated in a lot of tournaments. With the seedings for each tournament being very similar each time, albeit perhaps due to a stagnant “top four”, we find it difficult to be excited for this. Having said that, we do hope to continue seeing and participating in more innovative tournament formats, such as the CP Army HQ’s Project: Conquest.

It is more important than ever before that we are innovating this community and game, as the alternative will see people losing interest with repetitive and stale formats. At this junction, the higher command are more excited in taking part in other events over the coming weeks and months that we believe will be exciting for our community.

We apologise if this announcement comes as a disappointment to any of our members or armies in the community. We would like to congratulate our close allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation, for advancing into the second round of the tournament and wish them the very best. It is our hope that more new faces will have a chance to participate in more rounds moving forward.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the CP Army Network and CP Army HQ for allowing this tournament to be independent of organisations and instead run by the army leaders. In the current divided community, this is definitely the most fair way to run the Legends Cup XI – a tournament that has a strong history and should be enjoyed fairly by all those wishing to take part. In particular, thank you to Iceyfeet1234, F6 Vedant and Superhero123 for their work in organising and managing the tournament. We hope those participating enjoy the experience.


The ACP Higher Command

[UK] Ice Melted in Exciting ACP vs. IW ‘Blitz Battle’

ASCENT, Battlefield – Today our UK division went head-to-head with the Ice Warriors in an exciting ‘blitz battle’ – in which the two forces battled in four rooms across 20 minutes. We fought well in the Ice Berg, Inside Mine, Stadium and Snow Forts, peaking at a maximum size of 37 soldiers. Excellent work to all and thank you to the Ice Warriors for a fantastic battle!


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[US] Army of Club Penguin Dress as Fruits and Can’t Even Do a G

ASCENT, Mission: Fruit Salad – Today the US division celebrated the release of CPRewritten’s new fruit themed codes by having a fruit salad party throughout different rooms on the island! Following this exciting fruit salad event, we had a fun fruit themed crossword puzzle hosted by Daniel with a prize of 2 bonus clovers.

And the winner of the crossword puzzle contest is…. BELENCITA!

Max: 38

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[UK/US] District 1 Declared Victors of the Hunger Games

THE CAPITOL, Hunger Games Arena  – To kick off the new week, the UK and US divisions enjoyed the ACP’s very first Hunger Games event. Following an exciting repeating and opening ceremony, the tributes and their district teams battled against one another in three challenges to be crowned the victors. Our winners, the District 1, enjoyed extra clovers to celebrate their success. Thank you to everyone that took part and made it such a special event!


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