[UK/US] District 1 Declared Victors of the Hunger Games

THE CAPITOL, Hunger Games Arena  – To kick off the new week, the UK and US divisions enjoyed the ACP’s very first Hunger Games event. Following an exciting repeating and opening ceremony, the tributes and their district teams battled against one another in three challenges to be crowned the victors. Our winners, the District 1, enjoyed extra clovers to celebrate their success. Thank you to everyone that took part and made it such a special event!


Maximum size picture:

District 1: The Victors


Army of CP Commander-in-Chief

9 Responses

  1. Came!

  2. I attended and had fun! Except the part when my district came last, bc best is last ❤

  3. What an amazing event to attend after returning from leave! So happy to be a part of District 1!

  4. I attended!

  5. i came! awesome event

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