How To Easily Take Event Pictures on CPAB

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Now that ACP exclusively hosts events on Club Penguin Army Battleground, it is time for an updated event pictures guide. This will include a super easy method to take perfectly cropped event pictures. The first part of the post will talk about how to take event photos, with the second part going into detail on how to make sure it’s the perfect event picture. Note that this method is only for desktop and does not work for mobile devices and tablets.

Getting the Photographer role

The first step to be able to post an event picture in the #event-pics channel, is to get the photographer role. The photographer role is located in #self-roles. Scroll down to the CP EVENT ROLES section near the top. There will be a red button on the right that says “Photographer.” Clicking the button will give you a message at the bottom of the channel (you’ll have to scroll a lot to see it) that tells you you’ve successfully gotten the photographer role. You can check the roles you have in the server to confirm you have it. It will be located in the other section at the bottom of your roles. Once you have the photographer role, you will now be able to post event pictures in the #event-pics channel.

Taking Event Pictures

Note: This method of taking event pictures does not work with Firefox that method is a little different and will be explained in the next section. That being said, It does work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

To take event pictures, you won’t need any additional software installed. It is done entirely within the browser. Right clicking within the CPAB window will bring up the options to save image and copy image. When you right click, if your penguin is not sitting, it will look in the direction of your curser when you click, potentially making the event pic look bad. Pressing S will make your penguin sit in the direction of your curser and stop following it.

Save Image

Save image will allow you to choose where on your computer to save the image. You can make a folder full of pictures and upload them once the event is over.

Copy Image

Copy image will copy the image to your clipboard, allowing you to paste the image into the #event-pics channel immediately. If you do use the copy image method, it will override whatever was copied to the clipboard before, such as any word tactics that were copied. You’ll have to recopy the word tactics after pasting the event photo.

The event pictures acquired from this method will be perfectly cropped to the CPAB window and will not have any other windows or notifications on your screen in them.

Taking Event Pictures with Firefox

Taking event pictures with Firefox is a little different. When right clicking in the CPAB window in Firefox, an option to take a screenshot appears. Open image in new tab and save image as… both create blank empty images with nothing in them. These two options do not work. Selecting take screenshot will bring up an option to “drag or click on the page to select a region.” Clicking within the CPAB window brings up a perfectly cropped screenshot. You can then press CTRL V to copy the image and past it into the #event-pics channel.

Alternatively, on the bottom right, is the option to copy or download. Copy adds the picture to your clipboard so it can be pasted. Download automatically downloads it to whatever folder you set for downloads, by default the downloads folder. There is no option to select another folder. These pictures can be uploaded once the event has ended.

The method for Firefox is slower than other browsers as it has more steps than just right click and copy/download. The gameplay is still going on onscreen until the moment it’s copied. In order to get a good picture, you’ll probably miss it trying to go through all the steps once everyone is doing the tactics. You’re also, likely to stop doing the tactic before you can take a screenshot. If you try to get to the last step in advance, your penguin most likely will have stopped doing the tactic once everyone else is doing it. It is recommended to use another browser with copy/download instead.

Taking Good Event Pictures

There are a few things to watch out for in order to take good event pictures. Event photos look best when everyone is in form and doing the tactic. Make sure to hold the tactic for a few seconds, so that everyone is doing it together. Give time for someone to take a picture of everyone holding the tactic.

This is an example of a good event picture. Here most people are in form and doing the tactic. It is immediately obvious what the form and tactic is. It looks neat.

Here is an example of a bad event picture. In this picture, the gap in the center makes it obvious that there are a few people out of form. As well as the incorrect emotes standing out. This picture does not look as neat as the previous one.

This is also, a bad event picture. The people out of form are obvious in the center of the picture. Only a few people are doing the tactic. Event photos look good when everyone is doing the tactic.

Another thing to watch out for is user is online. If you are friends with another account on CPAB, whenever that account logs onto the same server as you, you’ll see this notification in the bottom right corner of the screen. Try to avoid taking pictures with this on screen.

This is a good event picture, but it would be better without the notification blocking part of the screen.

Another thing to avoid in the event photos is the player card. When you click on a penguin, it will bring up their player card, blocking a significant portion of the of the screen.

It is best to move the player card to the bottom corner of the screen. This makes it so that the player card won’t block the screen if you accidentally click on a penguin while trying to move. Do make sure to close the player card before taking a picture.

Always make sure to have your penguin sit in form facing down towards the bottom of the screen, by pressing S with your curser underneath your penguin. The forms look much neater when everyone is facing the same direction and not all looking elsewhere. When you are standing, your penguin’s direction follows your curser on your screen, but not for anyone else. For example: If you came from the bottom of the screen and moved up to get into form, you’ll be facing towards the top of the screen for everyone else.

This section would look better if everyone was facing down and not in different directions.

When getting into formation, it is important to spread out in the form and not be bunching on top of other penguins.

This form would look better without the bunching in the bottom left. Always remember to spread out.

Taking Size Pictures

Another important type of event photo is size pictures. These are pictures that show the number of penguins in the room with the army’s tag. To become part of the army and get their tag under your username, you need to type in the chat bar !army (army code). In the case of ACP, you would put !army ACP. This will notify you that you are now a member of the Army of Club Penguin and equip your penguin with ACP’s uniform and tag under your username. Anyone without the army’s tag will not be counted for size pictures.

To create size pictures, type !sizeroom ACP in the chatbar. This will bring up a popup that shows how many members of ACP are online in the room.

There is also, !size ACP This command shows how many ACP members are online on the server throughout all the rooms. !size ACP CANNOT be used for size pictures. !sizeroom MUST be used instead. !size is useful to see things like “oh, 18 ACP members in the room but 20 on the server, where are the other two that need to come to this room?” or for battles against other armies, you can check their size during log on before the event, without being in the same room, and compare it to ACP’s size.

Following these few simple tips will allow you to almost effortlessly take flawless event pictures.

What do YOU think? Let us see your best Event Pics in the comment section below!


ACP General & “King of Event pics” -Calgocubs21

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