[UK] Bringing the Light to the Dark Vikings

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “War on Dark Vikings: Special Invasion” – Good afternoon, ACP! On Sunday, April 2, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for a proper battle with the Dark Vikings. Since they have refused to show up, we brought the fight to them. ACP troops logged on to raid their event, and we maxed 35 troops online compared to their measly 21 troops. We met up in the Town and soon followed them to their first room, the Stadium.

Max Size: 35

Max Size Picture:

ACP opened with a “FRIGHTENED” bomb, followed by circling the Stadium with an E6 tactic. Troops continued with more emote, big word bubble, and conversational tactics. We then raked the room with a “SURRENDER” big word bubble, and covered up the Dark Viking’s X formation with our V formation. While DV struggled to keep up, ACP troops utilized emotes, big word bubbles, and other creative tactics. Troops then bombed the room with “CALGOOWNSYOU!” and transitioned into an upside-down T formation, continuing successfully to cover up the Dark Vikings, who were in a sloppy upside-down V formation.

The Dark Vikings attempted to escape our wrath by moving to the Ice Berg, but we followed them and covered their bomb with a “GIBCLOBRS” big word bubble bomb. ACP formed a plus formation, while DV seemed to attempt an upside-down T formation. We continued with a plethora of emote tactics and big word bubbles, along with “THUNDER WILL NEVER BE DA BEST STOP TRYING.” DV tried to compete with us, but we covered them up and transitioned to our next formation with an “OURWRATH” big word bubble bomb. ACP moved into an X formation, using “ACPRISING” to cover up DV‘s plus formation, followed by more emotes, conversational tactics such as “DARK VIKINGS SHUTDOWN IS IMMINENT,” and big word bubbles, before moving into a double emote rake that moved into a T formation. Due to our size, it is more pertinent to call it an umbrella formation. ACP employed multiple successful tactics, varying between emotes, flickers, conversations, and big word bubbles.

Once again, DV tried to escape the Clover Crusaders, but we followed them to the Snow Forts with an “OBSESSED” big word bubble bomb before moving into a backward L. We challenged Elsa to stop defending the Dark Vikings, a challenge that she has already failed. We reminded DV of a few of their failings, including allowing Ether (a known doxxer who doxxed multiple members of CPA) on their staff team. Troops also implemented some emote tactics and big word bubbles. The troops of the DRACP soon moved into an upside-down T formation and reminded DV that the Water Vikings are the superior Viking army while continuing to use emote flickers, big word bubbles, and other engaging tactics. ACP also reminded Thunder that he was one of the worst ACP troops ever. ACP moved into a “BUCKETHEAD” waterfall and moved into an upside-down V. We then continued with our successful emote, flicker, big word bubble, and other tactics. DV soon logged off, but ACP stayed online and since we were following original Club Penguin Army warfare rules, ACP troops were the last to log off, allowing us to secure another win (and, under current CPA rules, ACP would have won anyway due to the size difference, covering of DV‘s tactics, and superior forms).

Thank you to Calgo, AOL, Alu, Coolguy, and Austin for leading. Another thank you to AOL, Alemax, Agalpa, Coolguy, Newton, Cabin, Sanya, Zelly, Cat, and Aurora for the photos.

Event Tactics Pictures:

Room 1: Stadium

Room 2: Ice Berg

Room 3: Snow Forts

ACP was the last to log off, so ACP won! (under OG CPA rules)

Judge’s Ruling

Thank you, Mare for taking the time to judge our battle!

Special shoutout to our loyal troops who attended:

  • agalpa
  • Alemax
  • Alu
  • AOL
  • Aurora
  • bigbilly
  • BlossomBel
  • Cabin
  • Caisha
  • Calgo
  • cAt
  • Cedrik
  • Coolguy
  • DeeP
  • Doctor Flower
  • Doll
  • Hightower
  • Jamariouslll
  • Joe
  • Kaichu
  • KevinDA
  • KindFraud
  • Lirri
  • Mads
  • MaisMango
  • Marquis
  • Maverick
  • Newton
  • Noomi
  • Rarity
  • Sanya
  • SuperKlonoa64
  • Wolfalone
  • Woody8700
  • Zayyy
  • Zelly

If I missed your name, please message me so I can update the list.

Thank you all for attending today’s UK event! Can’t wait to see you at our next event. Stay tuned for more battles and an exciting Break Day event this week!

March On Troops!


Pronouns: (they/them/their)

ACP Lieutenant General

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