Clovers Gambit Clash: Battle of the Brains

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

With chess being a recent trend within ACP, we are extremely delighted to announce the first-ever ACP Chess elimination tournament to uncover who truly is the chess grandmaster in ACP.

Recently, new Discord activities have been introduced where users can play games such as Chess, Checkers Poker, and others with their friends or other users on a voice channel. For the tournament, we’ll use the “Chess in the Park” activity.

All are welcome to enter the tournament, even if you are a visitor or one of our allies. If you do not play chess, give it a try at least. You will never know what will happen!


  • The match must be held in one of the chess voice channels provided.
  • Once you click “Create Game”, set the Colour as Random.
  • Make sure “Timed Game” is turned OFF.
  • No other forms of cheating- including asking others for help during the match, etc.
  • If a player disconnects, a 5-minute grace period will be allowed for the opponent to reconnect. If not, the win automatically goes to the last man standing unless both players agree to a rematch
  • Once the bracket and matchups have been announced, you will have 48 hours to complete your match.

Playing the game requires nitro, so if you and your opponent do not have nitro, please DM Akuma#0004 or #Blizzard#5555, to start the activity so you can play the match.

Entry deadline: 28th February 2023

The Winner of the whole tournament will receive:

  • 50 clovers
  • A shiny special role

The 1st and 2nd runner-ups will receive clovers as well! The rewards are undecided, so be on the lookout for better rewards. More information on the brackets and seedings will be given on the discord.

To enter, fill in the form in the comments below:


Discord tag:


May the best win!


ACP General & AUSIA Division Commander

10 Responses

  1. Name: Bee Moua

    Discord tag: _______#7327

    Rank: Corporal

  2. Name: KingFraud

    Discord tag: Akuma#0004

    Rank: General

  3. Name: Calgocubs21

    Discord tag: Blizzard#5555

    Rank: Commander in Chief

  4. Name: Rarity

    Discord tag: Rarity808#3421

    Rank: Brigadier General

  5. Name: Mads
    Discord tag: MaddieCW3#0408
    Rank: Brigadier General

  6. Name: DeeP
    Discord Tag: DeeP#8890
    Rank: Corporal

  7. Name: Alemax

    Discord tag: Alemax#3619

    Rank: Major General

  8. Name: Karan Pratap Singh Rana
    Discord tag: disdain_#1324
    Rank: First Lieutenant

  9. Name: Spin
    Discord Tag: Spinister#0001 (gonna change soon since my nitro is ending.)
    Rank: Veteran & Ally.

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