ACP Saga: October Through December 2022

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – The Army of Club Penguin Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events that occurred between October through December!

You can read the full ACP Saga, which dates the Army of Club Penguin’s exploits from September 2019 to the present day, by clicking HERE


  • October 2nd: In a major upset, the Army of Club Penguin defeats their closest allies in the first round of Legends Cup XII with a max size of 40.

  • October 8th: In a close battle, the Legends Cup XII trophy run ends in the Semi-Finals where 37 troops attended to give it their all.
  • October 21st: A few days prior, the Clovers attempt to declare war on the Ice Warriors but are surrendered to immediately with the war lasting only 24 minutes. Therefore, the army goes on to raid one of the Warriors’ battles with an impressive 16 Clovers online in a last-minute raid.
  • October 30th: The community hosts a Monster Bash battle and a Murder Mystery Party where 24 of our members logged on to uncover the mystery.


  • November 2nd: A post by Commander in Chief Calgocubs21 is released, detailing the events of the attempted war against the Ice Warriors in October which resulted in the formation of a new alliance with the Dark Vikings.
  • November 4th: A total of 20 troops log for the war victory march in celebration of reclaiming Mammoth and the attempted war.
  • November 15th: Due to stagnation, the community server map is reset once more with the first invasion occurring during AUSIA hours with 16 in attendance.
  • November 21st: Advisor to the army, Mchappy, announces that the Army of Club Penguin will be hosting the Double Deck the Halls tournament.
  • November 26th: Paired together with our new allies, to go against our brother ally and their pair, the Clovers are able to get a max size of 15 to win the Double Deck the Halls trophy.


  • December 3rd: For the first time, Legends Cup XII and Christmas Chaos XII are only a couple months separated. The Army of Club Penguin once more meets its brother on the battlefield but is unable to come out on top despite 20 in attendance.
  • December 10th: To celebrate all of the recent battles with our brothers-in-arms, the two come together to look back on fond memories centered around the Aces of AUSIA tournament hosted by the Army of Club Penguin. Shamrock Bulletin releases a post titled Remembering the Aces of AUSIA a few days prior.
  • December 20th: Winners of the Turkey Art 2022 contest are revealed with Mcdonalds taking the first place prize.
  • December 21st: Following a breakdown in trust, the Army of Club Penguin releases a declaration of war against newly budding friends, the Special Weapons and Tactics. An alliance is formed against the Special Weapons known as the Circus Alliance.
  • December 22nd: The first battle takes place in the war dubbed the Troubled Allies War, where a whopping 56 members of the army and her allies show up during an AUSIA invasion.

  • December 23rd: Another victory is handed to the Clovers as she and her allies invade Cozy with over 33 in attendance against the Special Weapons, then going on to win their defense of Breeze as well.
  • December 27th: Ending the week of fighting, the Army of Club Penguin invades another of the Special Weapons’ land with 31 max size for AUSIA.
  • December 28th: Being labeled as the “Finishing Blow” by our Commander in Chief, the Clovers invade Sub Zero during North American hours with 25 in attendance.
  • December 30th: As peace talks begin, Calgocubs21 releases his Phase 2 announcing Project: Ascent, the sequel to Project: Revival as he prepares the army for 2023.
  • December 31st: While celebration ensues on the Discord server, the Shamrock Bulletin releases a piece looking back on the Vengeance Alliance that was formed the year before.

What have been your favorite moments these past three months? Leave a comment to let me know!

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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