Remembering Aces of AUSIA

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – Two years ago, the community took part in an AUSIA-centered tournament hosted by our very own army. It was an exciting format that enthralled a community that had lacked proper AUSIA representation for so long. Following an intense bracket, the finals saw the Army of Club Penguin face off against their closest allies: Help Force.

The tournament was announced on November 16 in the wake of Flash announcing its end of service. Despite the popular Christmas Chaos tournament being held simultaneously by the media community, the Aces of AUSIA was created to answer the demand of further investment in the AUSIA community during a pandemic that saw the community exponentially rise. Our army has always been known as one of the first to integrate AUSIA as a key part of the Clover experience. So, with expert graphics from retired Commander in Chief Koloway himself, we set off to start the tournament on November 28.

The very first thing on the agenda of the Aces of AUSIA tournament was the Great AUSIA Gathering. It was the first official weekend of the tournament with the very first battle between the Lava Crusaders and Secret Service taking place. Before the battle, we invited all of the participating armies to log on to the battle server during AUSIA hours to celebrate what we were about to accomplish. And, before our very eyes, we got to experience the hype the tournament had. During the Great AUSIA Gathering, over 100 users logged on to partake in a free-for-all style snowball fight. To date, it is the largest gathering of AUSIA members across the community to ever occur in Club Penguin.

Eventually, the finals occurred on December 20 following a few surprising results in prior rounds. The armies (arguably) most known for their AUSIA forces in the community were going to face off in a battle that – still two years ago – continues to get talked about! Commander in Chief at the time, CSY, was quickly solidifying himself as one of the greatest AUSIA leaders of all time, and this was his chance to prove it.

While the Army of Club Penguin were not able to cinch a win, the Clovers were still able to break their AUSIA record at the time with over 77 troops in attendance. It was an amazingly close battle that, if we were going to lose to anyone, we were sure as glad it was to an army like the Help Force. I reach out to current Help Force Leader, Rooboo, who was at the battle for a recount of their experience:

Since Aces of AUSIA [AOA] is of course, no doubt, the best tournament ever… My favorite memories that I usually recall in times like these are the meetings themselves. I always value our [(Army of Club Penguin & Help Force)] meetings when they are friendly battles with good sportsmanship. For sure, meeting in the finals is one of the best feelings ever since we’re basically brothers. The atmosphere was like Serene and Venus Williams meeting in the final of the U.S. Open! When [two] competitors turn into friends is like such a blessing. It was intense, competitive, and above all a memory to cherish forever. I would love AOA to return because it’s one of the strongest and most competitive tournaments out there that had a great impact on the army generations. No doubt it’ll be such a blast to have another AOA.

For me, Aces of AUSIA is probably one of my favorite memories in the current generation of armies. It was a moment that reminded me that the Army of Club Penguin is not only strong, but is glad to support the legacy of other armies as well. Maybe one day the tournament will see a return in the future.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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