ACP Presents: Double Deck the Halls

Addressed to Club Penguin Armies

MAMMOTH, Capital – I am pleased to announce that the Army of Club Penguin will be hosting the Double Deck the Halls battle, scheduled for November 26.

Scrolling through the archives of our website, I discovered a tournament that former Commander in Chief Fort57 helped put together called the Double Team Tournament. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any records of the tournament actually occurring on top of the fact our army was going through major leadership dilemmas. Yes, this was around the time that Oagalthorp even considered deleting the website.

Before the community goes through the holiday period, and lots of fun community projects begin to emerge, I wanted to host our very own version of the Double Team Tournament. Instead, we will be calling it the Double Deck the Halls.

Saturday, November 26

[EU] Double Deck the Halls

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm GMT


+5 extra clovers if we hit our size goal of 20 penguins!

I have gone ahead and invited three other armies to partake in a two versus two army extravaganza! The armies participating are as follows: Dark Vikings, Help Force, and Mercenaries. Out of the current active armies in the community, I felt that this group of four would be the most fair. Pairings are based off of recent Top Ten performance so the small-medium army could be paired with the major army. For example, our pair will be the Dark Vikings then.


  1. The battle will be held on Club Penguin Army Battleground.
  2. The battle will last for 30 minutes across three rooms.
  3. Armies will keep their original !army tag but wear a cohesive costume: Elves, Gingerbread people, Reindeer, Santa, or anything holiday themed goes.
  4. No toxic behavior during the battle.
  5. Judges will be requested via the #battle-judging-requests on the Club Penguin Army Judges server.
  6. No alt logging or multilogging.
  7. No doxing or harmful activity.

I am looking forward to a really fun and festive battle between the participating armies!

Can YOU attend the Double Deck the Halls? 

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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