[Victory] The Troubled Allies War is Over!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

The war against SWAT has officially ended, resulting in an ACP victory with a war score of 5-0.

On December 20th, 2022, in response to SWAT’s leaked chats revealing their intentions to war against our brother in arms, Help Force, the Army of Club Penguin declared war against the Special Weapons and Tactics, following a barrage of animosity, trash-talking, and allegations against the army.

You can read the full Declaration of War post here.

The war began with an AUSIA invasion of Sapphire Mines on December 22nd, where we peaked at 56 troops and were deemed victorious in our invasion.

Just 24 hours after our first invasion, our AUSIA force would re-mobilize in the invasion of Cozy, where we hit a max of 33.

That same day, 3 hours later, we went straight back into battle against SWAT, this time on the defense, protecting our old historic capital, Breeze, successfully with 33 UK Division troops. This invasion was their attempt at retaliating against us being the closest battle in the entire war, where ACP would once again take home the victory in this defense.

It seemed after this narrow loss, SWAT would begin to lose steam. We faced them once again in an early AUSIA invasion of Kościuszko, maxing 31.

Just a day later, ACP’s USA Division would do the honors of closing the curtain on this war by handing them their final loss in our invasion of Sub Zero where we maxed 25. This invasion witnessed SWAT struggle to even max more than 8 troops due to a raid that occurred in their server.

Full results of all 5 battles:

With a final war score of 5-0, and the ACP successfully invading all of SWAT’s land, we became the victors of the war. After long deliberation with SWAT leaders, the Army of Club Penguin reached a treaty with SWAT, as shown below:

Before I conclude this post, I would like to apologize for a tactic that was led by me in a SWAT battle regarding Sidie9. This tactic insinuated that Flipmoo founded AUSIA and that Sidie tried to steal the credit which was a false claim made by us. I want to clarify that the true founder of AUSIA divisions in armies was Sidie and I take full accountability for pushing a false narrative onto my troops as well as into the army community. It was completely wrong of me to stoop down to that level and for that, I am deeply sorry Sidie.

We have once again proven our resilience and perseverance in war – SWAT bit off more than they could chew and we rose up to serve them justice. Today, we have emerged victorious against our long-standing rivals.

March On!


ACP 49th Commander in Chief

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