[US] The Army of CP Faces Off Against Their Brother Allies in a Exciting Formations Battle

Ascent, ‘Exciting Formations Battle’ – Today ACP logged on to Ascent Town to end the night by doing a Exciting Formations Battle against our amazing Brother Allies, Help Force! We started off by doing warm up tactics in Town, went to meet HF in Stadium, and ended it in Iceberg. We did some really cool formations today that HF helped out on as we split up on different sides and did some fun tactics and word tactics. I’d agree we all did amazing today. I hope you all think the same!

Max Size: 28

Thank you everyone who came to the fun Formation Battle against HF! We hope to see you guys at the next event in #events and don’t forget to comment below if you were there.


Master General

4 Responses

  1. I came!!!

  2. Great event with our brother allies


  4. love HF ❤

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