[JULY 2021] Troop of the Month!

Hey ACP!

As we see the departure of a true ACP icon, we celebrate the rise of a new TOTM, who’s put in great work throughout the month.

July has been a month of ups and downs, seeing the departure of long-time friendly face Max. With our focus on rebuilding our community, we’ve seen the influx of a bunch of new faces, but one in particular stood out.

What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Dantsamurai has been chosen as the Troop of the Month. Winning ROTW multiple times this month, participating actively in chat, as well as welcoming and engaging new troops, Dantsamurai has become a staple around every timezone in ACP.

Interview with Dantsamurai

Hey Dant, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Im Dantsamurai, a Normal Person. I only heard what club penguin was. But when i was kid, i wasn’t interested, then when i grew, in youtube, club penguin videos came, i still haven’t had interest in playing it while i watched it. But when I was invited to ACP, i learned the history of Club penguin, and when i got to Club penguin rewritten, i was completely shocked, there was servers, and blizzard had so many people, that i decided to agree on staying. And also I started to be interested of ACP and CPR.

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here?

I haven’t heard of Army of club penguin, ive heard of ACP only when Walker dm’d me and told me some stuff about ACP before i entered acp. And ive been here for 2 months and 2 weeks and ive been in discord for about 10 months

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?

I think i got voted to become TOTM Because I quickly got promotions, tried very hard to recruit, never giving up, and Obey the moderators and Hcom

What do you think is the most interesting part about armies? What’s made you stick around for so long? 🙂

The most interesting part about armies is that they have events :0, sometimes they have battles…..including war, makes it extra dramatic. The fact that it made me stick around for so long is making friends!

Tell us the story behind your name Dantsamurai!

The story behind my name………Well, behind before my name “Dantsamurai” was actually “Dant” and the reason i came here was really simple: i chatted with people Before i came to ACP. If im correct, Walker was the one who Recruited me. So lemme tell you this: I was in the minecaft server, speaking to some people. And at first, ive been thinking about Improving my name, My old name “Dant” was sort of boring, so a couple minutes, i changed my name to “Dantsamurai”, and this time, when i chatted to some people in minecraft, 2 or 3 people said: “Wow, cool name!” And the next day, may 24th was the part where Walker dm’d me. He said, “Soo, my friends and I play on this club penguin discord server that’s really cool, we also play other games like Minecraft and we do nitro giveaways sometimes, would you like to join our server ?” I accepted the invitation and walker sent the ACP server link, and thats how i came to ACP !

Were you ever on OG club penguin? Review CPR for us!

Ive never been to OG club penguin, but i DID hear about club penguin when I was watching youtube and a video about club penguin came up

What’s your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie is Monsters inc. Because i watched it alot when i was a kid, brings me back memories

What’s your favorite moment in ACP?

My favorite moment in acp was when Acp won the Clover Conquest :0

Do you have any goals you want to reach in ACP?

I dont think i have any goals in ACP 😅

Any final words for the people of the ACP?

Final words for the people of ACP is: “ACP has grown so much, that it is getting stronger every day, and ACP must continue on it’s journey. May ACP last forever. salutes”


Congrats once again to Dantsamurai!


ACP Leader

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  1. Congratulations dant!

  2. Congrats dant!

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